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Michael TooleDirector - Microsoft Azure

Michael Toole is a long-time professional services consultant who specializes in Microsoft Solutions on Azure.  As Perficent’s Azure Practice Director, he focuses on supporting clients looking to migrate or modernize applications on Azure and innovating with new cloud-based features, including infusing those applications with new security & AI capabilities.

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Azure: Did you know? Azure Portal (now out of preview) vs classic

Did you know that there are two different Azure portals for deploying and maintaining your Azure subscriptions?  For folks that have been working with Azure for some time or taking the exams, this is should be old news… for others, it might come as a surprise.  So, what are the key differences and why should […]

Azure: Did you know? Application Proxy for Web Applications

Have you ever needed to publish an internal web application for use outside of your corporate firewall?  If you have, you’re probably aware of many of the complications that come up while exploring that option including what ports need to be exposed, to DMZ or not to DMZ, various authentication challenges, etc.  Well, now you can with […]

Azure: Did You Know? Azure RemoteApp, Access Apps from Any Device

Azure RemoteApp provides a way to deliver Windows applications to any device with the power and scalability of Azure. That’s a pretty bold statement… so what, exactly, does it mean? Essentially, you can package up any Windows application on a VM image hosted in Azure and provide users access to it from any device using […]

Azure: Did You Know? There Are Two Types of Message Queues?

Did you know that Azure provides two different types of message queues?  They each provide robust message queuing functionality but they have different features and capabilities.  

Azure: Did You Know? Diagnostic Logs in Azure Web Sites

In order to properly diagnose and troubleshoot various issues that may come up on a web site (or web job for that matter), diagnostic logging is a must and one type of diagnostic logging is often not enough.  Just because the code is deployed and hosted in the cloud doesn’t mean that you won’t have […]

The (updated) SharePoint app model development approach

I was recently invited to attend a session at the Microsoft campus in Redmond titled “Transitioning SharePoint Full Trust Code to Application Model Solutions Airlift”.  So, aside from the long title, what exactly was this session going to provide?  I did get a chance to see the preliminary agenda so I did have some idea […]