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Marc Pulverman

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Lightning Communities: Global Action Headers Without CSS

Global Actions offer an easy way to create records in a Lightning Community without exposing all of the fields on the page layout. For example, a customer of ours recently wanted a way of capturing leads in their community, so we used a Global Action on the home page of the community to achieve this […]

A CRM Deployment or “Moving Checklist” for Migrations

Every Salesforce implementation has its zenith in deploying the final solution and going live. This may include multiple phases or steps, people and technologies to be successful. When planning your next CRM deployment, take a page out of a recent house move when thinking about the essential steps. House moves are similarly complex. There are often a […]

A New Perspective on User Acceptance Testing for CRM Projects

User Acceptance Testing or User Exception Testing? I recently joined a conference call concerning User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and at the start of the meeting it was accidentally called User Exception Testing. Although the meeting participant quickly corrected herself and it wasn’t noticed by the testers, it made a profound impact on me. Over the course of […]

Balancing Project Completion & Continuous Improvement

Typical project or program management wisdom dictates that a project or program needs to be completed to be successful, however this is in discord with most businesses growth strategies using continuous improvement or growth strategies.  This type of discord can lead to project delays or failures as the company or organization moves away from finishing […]

How to Manage Scope Creep on Salesforce Projects

“Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, in the second or third chapter it absolutely must go off. If it’s not going to be fired, it shouldn’t be hanging there.” — Anton Chekhov Scope creep, or the addition […]

Tracking Success: What to Expect Engaging a Salesforce Partner

How to track your Salesforce project’s success and what to expect when engaging with Perficient as your Salesforce implementation partner on a weekly basis. Great news – your organization just purchased Salesforce and now you’re looking for a Salesforce partner and team of consulting experts, like Perficient, to support your team’s implementation.  Whether it is […]

What To Do When Your Salesforce Project Stalls

Sometimes Salesforce projects don’t stop, they slow down, sputter, and you can’t seem to get them restarted or firing on all cylinders. These projects aren’t always failures – they just need a thorough tune-up and clear path to get them back on the road. As such, below are the top reasons for a project stall […]

Perspectives: Is Colocation Necessary for Salesforce? – Part 2

Yesterday my colleague, Shawn Jensen, wrote a blog discussing why colocation is not vital to the success of Salesforce projects. Today, I’m making a counterargument as to why colocation is essential to a successful project. While you can make solid arguments for or against both of our perspectives, the purpose of this friendly debate is to simply help you weigh the pro’s and con’s […]

How to align your Salesforce solution to your business case

  When deciding to rollout Salesforce, you probably went through the typical business case or business planning process.  This included looking at factors like the political, economic, financial and social ramifications of the move to a cloud platform with incredible capabilities to transform your business.  That said, when you’ve reached the final rollout, how closely […]

Debunking the myth of “best practice” for Salesforce

  While implementing Salesforce at a large cross-section of clients in different industries, we often get the common question of what our “best practice” is and what our “best approach” is to address a company’s unique situation.  So, why is it that every time a client says, “We want best practice for X solution”, we often […]

How to Project Manage a Sales Cloud Rollout

  Whether you have invested in Sales Cloud because you are upgrading your current method of tracking sales or because you need to scale up from a non-cloud version of sales tracking, you want to make sure your project is a success. This drive for success will ensure better returns on investment, better future decision […]

Waterfall, Agile or “Wagile” for Salesforce Projects?

  Successful Salesforce implementations have several key defining features: deployments need to be done quickly, collaboratively and must be business-driven.  With these key features in mind, project managers and implementation teams need to consider the best methodology to ensure success with a Salesforce project.  There are various methodologies that have been described extensively, but which one […]

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