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IBM Emptoris Strategic Supply Management V10

Industry Challenges What is the biggest delay in closing a deal aside from the long sales cycle – getting through the contract process ! Contracts play a critical role in any vendor-client transaction, documenting terms such as dates, pricing, project duration, assumptions, etc. Not getting solid contracts in place can lead to penalties, overpayment for services, […]

IBM Enterprise Content Management Platform – A Step Above

Enterprise Content Management Overview Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provides a structured approach for the governance of information management toward the goal of improving compliance, information reuse and sharing, and operational performance. ECM incorporates methods, policies, metrics, management practices and software tools to manage the lifecycle of both structured and unstructured content. With Big Data as […]

IBM Tealeaf – Analyzing a Customer’s Behavior

IBM Tealeaf – Customer Behavior Analysis Product Suite Problem Statement Company X has developed several client facing websites as part of a new campaign to increase revenue and gain new customers. The team compiled to build and implement the new websites was primarily web developers and little input from the business. Additionally there were only […]

IBM Operational Decision Manager v8

IBM Operational Decision Manager v8 Features and Benefits I am sure that many of you devout IBM users are familiar with WebSphere ILOG. IBM has rebranded that software line and is now sold as IBM Operational Decision Manager v8. Known as the acronym WODM v8 this is an enhanced version of IBM’s core business rules technology. The key features […]

IBM WebSphere Portal V8 – Enhancing your Web Experience

Enterprise portal solutions allow businesses to increase employee productivity by allowing users access to key applications and content from one location.  Many companies are turning to portal solutions to serve as a front end to backend processing systems and presenting one standard face to its employees and customers.  Portal solutions continue to evolve to fit […]

Data Service Excellence with IBM PureData Systems

Industry Challenges Are you struggling with how to manage and control data in your organization? Are you trying to stay abreast of the new leading trends in data management and just spinning your wheels? Well don’t feel bad, this is common in many industries and organizations. Data is growing at an amazing speed and becoming […]

IBM Information Management – faster than the Information Superhighway

Information management (IM) is the collection and management of information from one or more sources and the distribution of that information to one or more audiences. This may involve the key stakeholders owning and using that information. Management means the organization of and control over the planning, structure and organization, controlling, processing, evaluating and reporting […]

IBM Social Collaboration – Connecting the World!

Social Collaboration and the Market Place Engaging with customers, partners, and employees drive greater productivity, efficiency, and innovation. In today’s time-driven world, companies can no longer be content with extended timelines and drawn out schedules. Employees, customers, and partners demand not only quick turnaround but want to be part of the process. Add to this […]

IBM Business Analytics – What’s In Your Data?

IBM is an industry leader in Smarter Analytics. They offer a broad, integrated portfolio of information and analytics solutions (service, software and hardware). These capabilities can be deployed individually or through a Big Data platform. The insights revealed through Smarter Analytics can help companies make faster, more informed decisions and automate processes. Business Analytics is a […]

IBM’s Sametime 8.5 – Enabling a Social Business

A ‘Social Business’ real life scenario ● Business challenge: ─ A transnational company has different business lines and functional groups working around the world with different work hours, languages and operating model. The company has one common goal and vision, but has to allow for quick and efficient collaboration of their employees to meet that […]

IBM Big Data – A Future Path to Data Management

Big data is a term being used currently to describe the global and industry challenges with data capture, integrity, quality, analytics, usage, value, etc. IBM has taken the lead in the market with a platform and solutions that help companies manage Big Data and bring value to the organization while managing costs and streamlining operations. […]

IBM BPM 7.5 – Features and FS Use Case

IBM recently announced IBM BPM 7.5 (Business Process Manager) which combines Lombardi and WebSphere Process Server. IBM maintains the core principals of BPM deployments to improve speed to market, better user experience and possessing an intuitive workflow. This new version provides a stronger focus on a company’s business side as well as IT to give […]

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