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6 Trends Impacting Email Marketing This Year (And Beyond)

Hi FIRST NAME, It’s like nails on a chalkboard…broken personalization. However, personalization and contextually relevant messages will continue to be a highlighted email marketing trend this year. With new technology paving the way, we will likely see more trends emerge as the customer journey evolves and ISPs get smarter. Whatever does happen this year, it will hit […]

#DF15: The Pardot Roadmap: What to Expect in Upcoming Releases

Blake Markham and Mark Knapp of Salesforce held little back during the Pardot Roadmap session at Dreamforce 2015. While leading with the familiar “Safe Harbor” slide, they quickly delved into new features and updates to existing processes that will soon impact Pardot customers. *The following updates were revealed under the Safe Harbor statute and rollout timeline is […]