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Mary Jiang

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How to implement agile testing on a non-agile project

Often, people think agile testing only can be implemented on an agile project. Actually agile testing is a set of engineering practices, and it can be implemented on any kind of project. For example, as a typical agile testing practice, test-driven requirements can be leveraged in any kind of project. Even for a traditional waterfall project, […]

Baking quality into your project – like baking a cake

Recently one of the projects that I was involved in was finished. The testing was blocked at the end phase, and the cost was almost exhausted even though the testing had not been finished when testers were rolled off. People always talk about quality, and most people agree that quality should be the most important […]

Agile Methods for Automation and Load Testing

I am travelling in our Detroit office today. I am working with our U.S. team to leverage Scrum for automation and load testing on a current project for a client. Typically, this process includes system testing with waterfall, which cannot include Agile methodology. However, it does work for our current project. And I will share with […]

CMMI vs. Agile

These days we are preparing next year’s CMMI Level 5 reassessment and delivered a series of training about CMMI. So people are easy to compare CMMI and Agile when we were doing training. And somebody will say they are different and conflict. How can we implement them together? So what is the difference between CMMI […]

Can you help to test earlier?

Today, one tester complained to me:” Developer A always asks me to help him to test his code earlier in dev environment without any testing by himself!” I heard the same complains form the different projects. When I was doing testing in different projects, I often encountered the similar situation as well. From my perspective, […]

How much effort should be spent communicating with an offshore team?

Currently more and more projects are multi-shore in a lot of big companies. Clients always ask us one question: How much effort needs to be spent to communicate with offshore teams if we work with one. It is one concern from clients that they need to spend more time to communicate with offshore team and usually […]