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Michael Becker

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Creating a Numeric Navigator with an Ajax Chart Slider

As part of a FAST search proof of concept, I got the opportunity recently to create slightly more advanced navigator than the typical text-based set of hyperlinks. I used the FAST ESP WebParts (available on CodePlex) as a starting point and the Dundas Chart control as the basis for the Ajax user interface. Getting the […]

ASP.NET Declarative Security Via SharePoint Group Membership

One option for securing ASP.NET pages that – IMHO – gets neglected quite often is the use of CodeAccessSecurity "Permission Attributes." You can read more about the general approach here. Basically, they provide a very nice mechanism for encapsulating all of the rules you want to apply that will allow or disallow a particular user […]

Internet Explorer Crashing When Launching Office Documents From SharePoint and WSS

A while back my browser (IE7) started crashing quite often when I was in SharePoint sites. After a while, a pattern started to emerge – the crashes would happen when I clicked on a link to open an Office document. Other people with my same setup could open the same document on the same SharePoint […]

MOSS Business Data Catalog : First Impressions

I had the good fortune recently to get assigned to a small project that lent itself perfectly to trying out one of the new features in Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server — namely, the Business Data Catalog, or the BDC. Basically, the requirement was simply to pull some data from our time submission and accounting database […]