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Manjusha Dahane

Manjusha Dahane is a Lead Technical Consultant at Perficient (CSM, CSPO, SAFe 5 Agilist, Salesforce Certified Administrator, Tricentis Automation Certified). She leads the QA team for different practices like SharePoint, PowerApps, AEM, Drupal. She has experience in both development and testing (Manual and Automation). She worked on multiple frameworks, technologies, and different domains like E-commerce, Automobile, Social Networking, and Content Management. She loves to share her experiences through blogging.

Blogs from this Author

Where Quality Analysis (QA) fits in the World of DevOps

Development and Operations (DevOps) is the agile software development approach that allows for simultaneous software development and testing. A successful DevOps practice requires quality assurance and testing (QAT). DevOps developed from the need for businesses to respond faster to market changes to acquire a competitive advantage and accelerate their growth. DevOps is assisting firms with […]

An Overview and Comparison of Classic and Modern SharePoint User Interfaces

The purpose of SharePoint is to store and share content so that multiple users can simultaneously manage, access, and collaborate on documents, tasks, and related resources in one place. SharePoint supports two user interface (UI) designs — the “classic” experience and the “modern” experience. Understanding the Key Differences Between These Experiences The Classic The classic […]

The Necessity of Agile Framework for Your Digital Transformation

A digital transformation is a process in which technology is used to completely change your business rather than focusing on a single IT project or a single area. Digital transformation means a series of projects that change every aspect of an organization and modernizes it with the latest technology. To see substantial changes, your business’ […]