Mandeep Bhat

Lead Business Consultant PV/Safety. Mandeep is a certified Oracle Argus Safety Implementation Specialist with Argus Safety product suite development background and has successfully led multiple Argus Safety projects for implementations, upgrades, integrations, migrations and business process optimizations as a subject matter expert (SME), senior business analyst (BA) and configuration lead for many pharmaceutical companies.

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Adding Her Input To The Project

Saving the Case and your Sanity in Argus Safety

Have you ever wondered why Argus Safety functionalities you have been using for months or years suddenly started behaving as though someone secretly changed your configuration? Everyone, at some point, feels as though their system has become its own evil twin. Let’s dig down into some common reasons why Argus Safety begins, without warning, to […]

Healthcare Data

Avoiding Nuisances of Special Characters in Argus Safety

Special characters are useful and sometimes necessary for accurate interpretation of the content specifically for medical terms in PV cases. However, not all special characters are welcome in Argus Safety. If used, they have their own nuisances. Below are a few examples of irritating outcomes when special characters are introduced and the best practices to […]