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Kevin SheenVice President, Global Delivery

Kevin is responsible for Perficient's Global Delivery strategy and execution with teams distributed across the globe in the US, India, China and Mexico. With a background rooted in software development, he has been an Agile evangelist and practitioner for over 20+ years and has been advocating Agile as a way to make global teams successful since Perficient launched it's first global delivery center over 13 years ago. Scrum Certifications: CSP, CSM, CSPO

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How to Avoid ‘Hitting the Wall’ in Your Agile Transformation

I’ve been an Agile practitioner and evangelist for over 20+ years. That’s pretty much 2/3 of my career as a person that builds software. Over those years, I’ve seen mindsets change on Agile and what it should and shouldn’t be used for. In general, the ‘shouldn’t be used for’ list has gone down. A progression […]

Measuring Performance of Delivery Teams – ‘starter’ metrics

Recently I was asked about ‘starter metrics’ for projects (both multi-shore and single shore) looking to transition to a much more objective measure of delivery team performance. Here are the first tier metrics that I would recommend as a good starting point. There is a lot more detail in the webinar and associated white-paper on […]

Establishing a Successful Support Arrangement – 4 Key Process Steps

Custom application support arrangements these days seems to share the following characteristics: Highly commoditized with high offshore ratios Poor levels of quality and meeting Service Level Agreements To some, the first would seem to beget the second. Specifically – IT organizations have seemed to come to almost expect very little from their on-call support other […]

Innovation and offshore

I’ve read some interesting articles lately regarding how to get your offshore partner to innovate. One in CIO magazine; covered the topic pretty well with regard to what you have to change to spark innovation. But I’d like to add some specific areas where a multi-shore arrangement can transcend the usual SLA / price […]

The ‘flattening’ of voice communications

Communications between shores is really flattening the world. I continue to be amazed at the advancements in technology. I was just in our China office and phone calls over our latest VoIP infrastructure upgrade were amazing! I’ve experienced the progressions over the years and have come to

Offshore IP Protection

One of the most frequent questions I get asked regarding moving project work offshore is around Intellectual Property (IP) protection. Often, this question is asked based on perception that doing software work offshore, inherently puts a company’s IP at greater risk than how work is done today at that company.  While there are certainly safe-guards […]