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Karen McCracken

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Extend your Salesforce Investment with Cloud Integration

According to recent studies by Forrester Research and Gartner, application integration along with security, are the main reasons why IT executives resist cloud-based applications. However, fueled by today’s fiercely competitive business environment, IT managers must deliver rapid, innovative and low-cost solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Companies need a solution that can run anywhere, […]

Are You Obsessed with Your Customers?

Last week I attended a conference with a great Forrester keynote speaker whose main topic was on Digital Transformation and the Age of the Customer. It is clear there is a new business cycle where the power has shifted back to the people and engagement will mean everything – in other words – companies must […]

Perficient Sponsors IBM Digital Experience 2015 Next Week

An exceptional digital experience is empowering, compelling, relevant and consistent – it gives you instant access to what you need, it keeps you hooked because it’s highly engaging, it has analyzed who you are and what you want, and it reaches you no matter what device you’re on. We are excited to be a part […]

Perficient Wins Collaboration Trailblazer of the Year

This has been an exciting first half of the year with another IBM award announced at last week’s IBM Amplify Event. This award recognizes Perficient for groundbreaking solutions leveraging the IBM Commerce portfolio to help clients improve business operations, increase sales revenue, reduce cost of services, and help deliver the best customer experiences. It was […]

If I had a Trillion Dollars … Would I Spend it all Online?

It’s not every day you hear the word “trillion” unless you are in the B2B Online Retail business. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Future of B2B Online Retailing, reveals that B2B online sales will account for close to 27 per cent of total manufacturing trade, which is likely to hit 25 trillion $ by […]

Clients Today Are Getting Smarter – Are You Keeping Up?

I bought a new car last month. The last time I bought a car was 10 years ago, and oh, how the times have changed. 10 years ago buying a car was not a pleasant experience; in fact it was downright stressful. My experience this year was in a word – easy. With today’s digital […]

Perficient Goes Platinum at IBM InterConnect

Three extraordinary IBM conferences—Pulse, Impact, and Innovate—have joined together to deliver one of the most comprehensive software events ever as IBM InterConnect 2015 on February 22 – 26 in Las Vegas, and Perficient is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor. My feet already hurt thinking about navigating through this monumental event, but the flip flops […]

It’s worth the trip to get ConnectED

As sponsors to this year’s IBM ConnectED event I am on their website often and am reminded every day on how much time is left to get ready for a great conference. As of today we have 11 days 12 hours and 29 minutes to connect at ConnectED 2015. In addition to our Bronze sponsorship, […]

Anatomy of a Complex Fraud Scheme

With tomorrow’s Counter Fraud Webinar fast approaching – I came across an interesting info graphic that put this increasing phenomenon into perspective. The complexity of fraud evolves as people embrace the conveniences of an interconnected world. From the office, to the cloud, and even on private mobile devices, anyone is a target. Cyber-crime turns to […]

Cyber Intrusions are Rapidly Reaching a Tipping Point. Have You?

This is the first year I have felt more than a little uncomfortable shopping online and even handing over my credit card while in my favorite stores. I am one of the millions that have been affected by one of the many cyber-attacks that have occurred this year. It is very clear that cyber criminals […]

What do your tea-leaves say about your online experience?

A tea-leaf fortune reader uses the symbols and the patterns formed by the residue of tea in a fine light-colored china cup to predict one’s fortune or future. The art of tea-leaf reading is an intuitive and creative form of divination. In today’s world, we have a much more sophisticated approach and no longer have […]

Digital Disruption….Are you moving fast enough?

We have just signed our silver sponsorship agreement to this year’s IBM Digital Experience conference coming up in July and I found this great blog from Brendon Jones with an IBM video on digital disruption and the importance of building digital into your business model. The video explains the 4 transforming principles for new digital […]

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