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Ken McCorkell (Denver, CO)

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Agile roles and multishoring

Read this interesting post from Agile: In a Flash about Agile Roles.  If you are working with an agile software development model, you may struggle with how to map the agile / scrum roles to your teams, both on and offshore. Jeff Langr proposes a simplified view of the agile roles, such as : Customer […]

Visibility and communication with multi-shore teams

I’m currently setting up a communication plan for a new agile project which has a multi-shore component for development and testing.  In addition to having a liaison to coordinate communication between the onshore and offshore teams, there are a number of activities which can help to keep the visibility of what is going on at […]

The role of a liaison to help with multi-shore development

In my experience, a project’s success is dependent on having good communciation between the onshore and offshore teams, and a liaison can make this process much easier.  We have had several projects which have involved our China team and a liaison who has travelled to the U.S. to help with communication and keeping both teams […]