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Our Chennai, India-based colleagues recently moved into the Perficient Tower, a sprawling nine-story building with state-of-the-art features.

There’s plenty to be excited about inside the new space. However, it’s a Perficient sign on the outside that’s been the source of the most excitement. The sign, positioned prominently at the top of the building, signifies the team’s transition from several shared, multi-tenant spaces to a building that’s all their own.

To them, the sign far transcends the mere practicality of a geographic marker; it carries a certain prestige and makes a statement about Perficient’s remarkable growth story in India. It symbolizes an ongoing journey, one in which our colleagues have made significant strides, and one in which they strive for continued success.

“What we see in the new office, which we are proudly calling Perficient Tower, is our identity,” said Prakash Chembai, General Manager. “Instead of being a tenant in a large building, we are the building. There’s real pride in that.”

Chennai Perficient Ribbon Cutting


Prakash joined Perficient in 2007, and his seniority dates back to 2001. At the time, he worked with our Oracle team in northern California. In 2011, he moved to India and continued to work for Perficient in a 1,000-square-foot space in the older RK Salai building, where operations started with a team of three. With determination and dedication, the team grew to about 30, at which point they were running out of space.

Colleagues moved into the Sterling Center, a 7,000-square-foot office. They focused the next two years on establishing expertise in various technologies, bringing in a team structure, contending for complex projects, and introducing process-oriented development. The efforts helped the team grow to 100 by the fourth quarter of 2014, at which time they again needed more space. Chennai colleagues then moved to Olympia Platina, a 25,000-square-foot space added in two phases in 2015.

Chennai Perficient 10


Fast forward to today, Perficient Tower spans more than 65,000 square feet across nine floors to support the delivery of software development, testing, and support services. The building’s agile, open floor plan pattern seats between 575 to 650 colleagues and will allow substantial team growth and expanded offerings to meet the growing needs of our clients.

“We have several people who have traveled the journey from the 1,000-square-foot office,” Prakash said.

Chennai Perficient 2

For those folks, and for the broader team, the move into the new space is a momentous one.

“We are not just moving into a new office. We are moving into an office that we built brick by brick, metaphorically speaking,” Prakash said. “We are reaping the fruits of our efforts. There are so many colleagues who have contributed to this success story. This office provides a very emotional connection for all of us.”


Perficient Tower is located in the heart of Chennai and features state-of-the-art interior design, highly functional floors, dedicated space to host clients, and other exciting elements. Many colleagues share in Prakash’s excitement.

“I am looking forward to the increased space, the beautiful interiors, the eminent location, and the sense of pride that the new office space will bring,” said Sumantra Nandi, director.

Chennai Perficient 3

“We are looking forward to the nicer collaborative spaces, the more spacious conference rooms, and the increased availability of parking,” said Parvez Maideen, director dedicated delivery.

Gayathri Hariharan, director HCM, who has been with our Chennai team since the RK Salai office, said: “We look forward to having a 200-seat fine dining area, which will be very cozy and relaxing.

“There will be a nursery for looking after babies, keeping them engaged and safe while parents work peacefully. That is sure a great highlight.”

“I am able to visually see the growth we have had since my association from RK Salai office and feel so proud of Perficient,” said Kamini Chander, Director Finance. Siva Paramesh, Director Consulting, added: “There will be an exclusive rooftop space for hosting parties. Even the location itself is a perk. This will reduce commute time for most of us.”

Chennai Perficient 7


“I have worked for larger organizations and was part of larger office moves, which were just another address change. But here, I have a great feeling of belonging, a very emotional connection, and my team is super excited to start working out of the new facility,” said Iyappan Rathina, director.

Venkat Janardhan, senior project manager, echoed that sentiment. “‘We built this’ is the feeling,” he said.

“This is a dream come true for me. In the past 15 years of my career, I have never worked in a Tower; this one being our own is the icing on the cake,” said Saraswathi Ramanathan, Senior Manager – Finance.

Chennai Perficient 8

“This is a whole new thing in totality, and we look forward to it,” said Manivel Jaganathan, director.

“This is taking us to a different league. Way to go Perficient,” said Kapildev Munisamy, IT manager.


Perficient’s optimized global delivery capabilities play a critical role in delivering successful, end-to-end, digital transformation solutions to our clients.

“We are thrilled to grow our presence and our capabilities in Chennai, the fourth-largest metropolitan city in India,” said Kevin Sheen, Vice President of Global Delivery, Perficient. “Not only do the people here bring amazing talent and skills to the technology consulting market, but the area is also home to prestigious universities.”

Chennai Perficient 1

Our Chennai colleagues are 100-percent Perficient employees and are Scrum Master Certified or higher. The Chennai GDC operates at SEI CMMI-L5 and boasts significant security certifications that ensure it’s a trusted partner to leading enterprises. This includes being HIPAA certified by multiple major healthcare providers, ISO 27001 Security Certified, and SSAE 18 ( PCI-DSS) Certified.

“The new space firmly establishes Perficient as a major player in the IT consulting space in Chennai,” said Raj Ganapathy, Director Talent Acquisition. “This means Perficient becomes an even more attractive employer in the eyes of prospective candidates.

Chennai Perficient 4


Our Chennai colleagues always roll out the red carpet for office visitors. Now, at Perficient Tower, the greetings stand to be even more grandiose – and more impactful – even before visitors arrive at the office. The new building is a 10-to-15-minute drive from the airport. As airplanes land, passengers will be able to see the Perficient sign standing tall.

“That kind of visibility for our brand – and the individuality of Perficient therein – that’s something we are all looking forward to,” Prakash said. After a pause, he added, “It’s Perficient Tower.”

He let that sink in for a moment. The name says it all.

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Happy Holidays from Perficient: Our Colleagues Reflect on 2019 Wed, 18 Dec 2019 18:09:09 +0000

2019 has been a momentous year for Perficient with much to celebrate. From ambitious startup to formidable force, we have come a long way in the past 20 years, and our performance and momentum have never been stronger.

We’re grateful to continue to grow our relationships with our clients, whether new beginnings or many years in the making. And, we’re extremely grateful for our people. Our colleagues are the best in the business, working collaboratively across the globe to achieve success.

In 2019, we continued to expand our teams and our capabilities and strengthened our global footprint.

We brought home numerous awards and recognitions that validate our deep expertise across partners and industries:

and showcase we’re a great place to work:

We entered into a slam-dunk partnership with the Dallas Mavericks and scored big with the St. Louis Cardinals and Stanley Cup champion St. Louis Blues.

As we grow in brand recognition, we grow in confidence that we are forging the path of new opportunities for our clients. And we’re even more excited about what’s to come in 2020.

On behalf of our nearly 3,700 Perficient colleagues around the world, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons!

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3 Reasons “Team Perficient” Runners Returned to the Starting Line Wed, 16 Oct 2019 17:38:54 +0000

Nearly 20 Chicago-based Perficient colleagues participated in the 2019 installment of the annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Race. This was the second year they ran together as Team Perficient.

Colleagues had many reasons for taking part. Among the motivators:

1. Running for a Good Cause

Team Perficient joined more than 28,000 competitors from the business and public sectors who participated in the 3.5 mile run / walk to raise money for local charities and nonprofit organizations. The scenic urban route made for a fun way to give back.

“Most of the race took place in Lower Wacker, but the last half mile was above ground and gave great views of the city skyline,” said Erin Turley, associate technical consultant at Perficient.

2. Getting to Know Teammates

Erin and her teammates once again found the event to be a perfect opportunity to bond with each other outside of the office. “Most of our Perficient runners waited in line for 45 minutes before we could start running, so we passed the time by playing games and telling stories,” Erin said.

Patrick Truskowski, lead technical consultant at Perficient, ran in the 2018 race. He enjoyed the time with his teammates so much that he decided to sign up again. “I talked to more people than I normally do since I don’t always attend our office happy hours,” Patrick said.

Toni Milushev, product engineering manager at Perficient, agreed. “It allowed me to meet new people from Perficient,” Toni said. “The overall experience was awesome. Plus, we got finisher shirts.”

Shirts and great eats. “After the race, we all met at the Perficient tent and ate Blackwood BBQ,” Erin said.

3. Establishing an Annual Tradition

Patrick is encouraging his teammates who haven’t taken part yet to give it a shot. “I think more people should do the run. It’s very fun even if you don’t like running,” Patrick said. “I didn’t train but was able to run the majority of the 5k. I still had fun even though I’m out of shape.”

Erin also joined the team, in part, to get moving again. “I decided to participate as a way to motivate myself to start running more. It especially helped that the weather has gotten so much nicer,” Erin said.

As for the 2020 race? Team Perficient already has at least one interested member. “I’ll probably run it again next year,” Erin said.

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Perficient Named a St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2019 Top Workplace Fri, 21 Jun 2019 14:33:53 +0000

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2019 Top Workplaces logoWe are honored to announce that the St. Louis Post-Dispatch named Perficient a 2019 Top Workplace. A team from our global headquarters attended a ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis to celebrate the big win.

There, St. Louis Post-Dispatch editors told a packed house of the St. Louis-area’s premier employers that they should take pride in the achievement.

“It’s not an accident you’re here,” said Ian Caso of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “Someone had to say, ‘This place where I work is great, and I’m going to tell someone about it.’”

Perficient at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's 2019 Top Workplaces ceremony

Perficient colleagues gather together during the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s 2019 Top Workplaces awards ceremony.

Based on survey responses from our colleagues, Perficient ranked 33 out of 55 companies in the Top Midsized Employers category. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 1,286 employers in the St. Louis region were invited to participate. Of that number, 150 earned recognition as a Top Workplace.

Perficient at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's 2019 Top Workplaces ceremony

Cheers! Perficient colleagues toast our 2019 Top Workplaces award news during the St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s ceremony.

The overall survey findings revealed company values and feeling appreciated ranked highest in importance, and seemed to indicate inspired employees as the answer to the happiness-at-work equation.

“Employees that work at companies where their words are heard and valued – those are the Top Workplaces,” said Lisa Brown, St. Louis Post-Dispatch business editor.

Perficient Top Workplaces

Perficient colleagues show their support for the St. Louis Blues during the Stanley Cup championship games.

When considering the top attributes in a company today, it’s no surprise Perficient secured a strong standing among the Top Workplaces winners.

“Perficient leadership cultivates a team-oriented environment where everyone feels that their contributions are important,” said Anthony Karre, director, Perficient. He’s been with Perficient for 19 years and has seen our company’s values hold strong during that tenure. “Perficient has emphasized this team approach for years, and this contributes to one of the lowest turnover rates in the IT consulting industry.”

Jason Hudnall, general manager, St. Louis, points to Perficient’s collaborative and supportive environment as part of what makes our company a Top Workplace. “Perficient provides our employees a great work-life balance where everyone is treated with respect and each person has a voice to bring forward new ideas,” he said. “Our consultants take pride in providing value for our clients delivering projects not only on time and on budget but also with a focus on purpose and innovation.

Perficient colleagues were greeted with donuts to celebrate the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 2019 Top Workplaces award.

Sarah Shapiro, marketing coordinator, joined Perficient about a year ago. She’s come to love the culture in the short time she’s been on board. “Perficient never loses focus of its people,” she said. “There is such a great culture of lifting up employees by helping them grow and excel in the careers while having fun.”

Our St. Louis office was also named a Top Workplace by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 20152014 and 2013. Perficient has been named a Top Workplace in additional markets including Denver, Chicago and Minneapolis as well. The St. Louis Business Journal named Perficient a Best Place to Work in 2019 and 2016. In addition, FlexJobs, a job service specializing in remote and flexible job opportunities, named Perficient a Top 100 Company to Watch for Remote Work for the three consecutive years. Perficient also maintains a 4.0 rating on Glassdoor.

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Office Profile: 5 Ways Bozeman Brings Out the Best in Work and Life Thu, 30 May 2019 20:56:54 +0000

What is it like to live and work in Bozeman, Montana? When people ask Justin Bartels that question, he often feels as though they listen to his stories in disbelief.

“It’s kind of a fairy tale,” he said.

Justin Bartels

Justin Bartels

Justin, a portfolio specialist at Perficient Digital, has lived in Bozeman for 10 years. He’s part of our team of marketing technology solutions colleagues based in our Bozeman location. The majestic Rocky Mountains serve as a backdrop among the stunning scenery of the Gallatin County valley in southwestern Montana. The mountain town has long been known as a world-class ski destination. In recent years, it has gained national attention as a thriving technology sector as well.

The locale certainly has a lot to offer professionals. However, there’s one thing Justin and his teammates come back to time and again as a main selling point: each other. Whether collaborating on a client project or backcountry skiing after work, Ellie Swanson, project coordinator, cites the connections she’s formed with her colleagues as one of the truly great aspects of working in our Bozeman office.

“My coworkers are what make this place special,” she said. “They are there to push me to be the best version of myself.”

Work in Bozeman - Perficient office profile

5 Reasons Our Colleagues Love Working in Bozeman:

1. They Feel Like One Big Family.

Ellie Swanson

Ellie Swanson

The bonds Ellie has forged with her teammates aren’t entirely by chance. Team building is a top priority. Therefore, the office space is specifically designed to bring everyone together.

Our team occupies the entire third floor and half of the fourth floor of a building that originally housed the Bozeman Canning Company, circa 1917. The vibrant architectural area is called the Cannery District.

“The third floor is entirely open. It’s where all team members work. The fourth floor is filled with conference rooms to allow private spaces for calls and meetings,” explained Laura Phillips, marketing manager. “There is a full kitchen with healthy snacks and seating. Impromptu meetings often occur there around bagels and coffee.”

Work in Bozeman - Perficient office profile

Collaboration comes easily in the space. There are no offices.

“You may need to jump into a conference room for a quiet place to take a call. But there is an upbeat air about the office that is always fun to experience,” said Morgan Hausauer, director. “Each day is different with a lot of collaboration and exciting energy. You will hear all sorts of music playing throughout the day with our app-driven Sonos system.”

Justin is a huge fan of the office’s central gathering space. “You have a lot of inherent cross pollination of ideas there. You’ll hear about a project in which we helped a client through a certain scenario and the takeaways from it. We all share ideas. As a result, everyone feels the energy of us working together.”

Morgan Hausauer

Morgan Hausauer

Everyone pitches in where needed, regardless of their area of expertise.

“No matter what role you have, there is always someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions to, or discuss weekend plans with,” Morgan said. “The Bozeman office is one big family.”

2. They Attract Top Talent.

The collaborative environment breeds success. “I think you can go as far as to say it’s a competitive differentiator,” Justin said. “We develop deep expertise and standard best practices for serving clients. Hence, you need to be all in one room sharing ideas and interacting.”

Colleagues are groomed from the onset to be successful. The team established an extensive three-month onboarding program. It fully assimilates new members.

“We hire go-getters, people who push the boundaries,” Justin said. “We’re working with really smart people. There’s a gratitude and enjoyment in that. I haven’t experienced it at other places.”

They know how to perform. At the same time, they know how to sustain. “We know that if we burn ourselves out, we’re not as good,” Justin said. “We understand work-life balance really well.”

3. They Enjoy the Outdoors. 

Bozeman is a lively, growing town with no shortage of activities. Our colleagues take full advantage.

“Bozeman is a mecca for the outdoors. Nearly every sport or recreational activity can be done here or in nearby areas,” Morgan said.

“There is no doubt that access to the backcountry is one of the most wonderful parts of Bozeman,” Ellie said. “The ability to go whitewater rafting, skiing, hiking, or fishing within 15 minutes of the office allows coworkers to pursue their many passions in and out of the office.”

Bozeman is nestled between two world-class ski resorts, Big Sky and Bridger Bowl. The city is 90 miles from Yellowstone National Park. Montana is also known to have the best fly-fishing in the world.

The Cannery District is within walking distance to Bozeman’s downtown area and 15 minutes from Bridger Bowl Ski Area.

Laura Phillips

Laura Phillips

“The district partners envisioned celebrating the originality of the existing buildings and revitalized them into functional, modern-day versions of what they used to be,” Laura said.

Within the Cannery District itself are numerous restaurants and venues. It is home to a sushi restaurant, kombucha bar, distillery, speakeasy, brewery, and many other local businesses. Bozeman is also home to Montana State University. More and more graduates are opting to stay in town with the growing number of tech jobs, thanks to companies such as Perficient.

The community as a whole is extremely health-focused, Morgan said. The slower pace of life and ease of getting around play into that. Justin’s daily commute to work is less than five minutes.

“The amount of time driving compared to the time spent living life is so small,” he said. “You can live a very accessible and full life. You don’t have to spend a lot of time commuting from point A to point B.”

He devotes the time he would have spent in the car to coaching at a local gym and participating part-time with the board of a local theater.

4. They Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle. 

Zachary Holmes

Zachary Holmes

Zachary Holmes, director of sales, has traveled the world many times over, and Bozeman remains one of his favorite places.

“I always relate every experience back to Bozeman because it changes you,” he said.

Zachary lived with his family in Bozeman growing up and then moved to California for work, most recently in San Francisco where he worked for Marketo and He returned to Bozeman in late 2018 to seize on the opportunity to join the Perficient team. The experience has been distinctly different from the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area.

“When I woke up in San Francisco, I would be thinking, ‘How much can I get today? What do I need to do today to make sure I’m comfortable tomorrow?’ It’s a rat race. When I wake up in Bozeman, it’s not about the rat race. I’m thinking, ‘What’s my personal health? Have I exercised enough?’ It’s also about my family and whether I’m doing things to better the world.”

However, a better-balanced lifestyle hasn’t led to a worsened job performance. Quite the contrary. “I think it translates into doing better work,” Zachary said. “There’s something about the mountains that instills a strong work ethic. It takes a certain type of person to live here, someone who can deal with a six-month winter. Things aren’t handed to you here. You have to work for them.”

“Our team’s talent rivals that of any other top company,” he said.

Justin has certainly found that to be the case. “When people are happier and healthier, they work more efficiently,” he added. “Bozeman is the perfect place to build a business.”

Having the best of both worlds certainly feeds into outsiders’ too-good-to-be-true perception of the Bozeman experience. But those immersed in it seem to have no shortage of praises to sing.

“Being born and raised in Montana, I love traveling. However, returning home to the kind people and fresh air is one of my favorite things. It is something I never take for granted,” Morgan said. “It is a wonderful place to live and work.”

5. They Work Hard and Play Hard.

Our Bozeman teammates know how to get down to business. At the same time, they know how to have fun and give back to the community where they live.

Some of the activities they do to create a strong culture include:

  • monthly celebrations for birthdays, anniversaries, passing an exam or certification, and life events
  • seasonal festivities, including a Halloween costume contest, full Thanksgiving meal prepared potluck style by the team, a holiday cookie exchange, white elephant gift exchange, and ugly sweater contest
  • Lunch & Learns on Tuesdays featuring a catered healthy lunch and a team training or all-staff meeting
  • Thirsty Thursdays featuring a social happy hour and fun team-building events, such as games, scavenger hunts, bowling, hikes, or guest educators from local businesses speaking on topics like whiskey tastings, cooking classes, philanthropy in the community, recycling, and more
  • peer-nominated quarterly awards for certain categories
  • a company retreat including, a bonfire, food, team activities, goal setting, relaxing, and a good old-fashioned game of dodgeball
  • an end-of-summer party with friends and family and a winter holiday cocktail party

Colleagues also volunteer throughout the year as a team for nonprofit organizations, including, but not limited to, Fork and Spoon “Pay What You Can Café,” Can the Griz food drive, Run to the Pub, Special Olympics, Pintler Pets, American Red Cross blood drive, and Give Big Gallatin Valley.

The outreach certainly enhances the positive spirit of our Bozeman office and further solidifies it as a wonderful place to work.

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Perficient Rings Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell Wed, 22 May 2019 23:42:54 +0000

From ambitious startup to formidable force, Perficient has come a long way in the past 20 years, and our performance and momentum have never been stronger.

We held our initial public offering on July 29, 1999 – at the time with only 19 employees. On May 22, our executive team celebrated our 20th year on Nasdaq with a return trip to Times Square to ring the Nasdaq Closing Bell. With more than 3,500 colleagues around the world, more than half a billion dollars in revenue, and strong relationships with Global 2000 and Fortune 1000 customers, the ceremony marked a significant milestone.

“There’s much to celebrate,” said Perficient Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Davis before ringing the Nasdaq Closing Bell. “And the best news is, we’re just getting started.”

Nasdaq Closing Bell for Perficient

Watch the ceremony here:

During the ceremony, Davis (pictured below right) reflected on our milestones and thanked all involved in our successes.

Nasdaq Closing Bell for Perficient

“First and foremost, I’d like to thank our customers. The trust you place in us – we will never take it for granted or let you down,” Davis said. “I want to thank the executives and leaders here today. Each of you have made incredible contributions to our business. I want to thank our more than 3,500 colleagues around the world. You are the reason we succeed. I also want to thank the equity analysts that cover our firm and the investors who demonstrate faith in our long-term growth story. And, of course, I want to thank the Nasdaq for our partnership.”

Patrick Schwierking, vice president, Sales and North America East Region, at Perficient, also spoke to our achievements.

“As a leadership team, we’re fired up to be here today celebrating 20 years of achievement with great prospects ahead,” Schwierking said. “We’re helping established brands and large tech companies deliver compelling front-end digital experiences that drive meaningful results in the form of attracting, converting and retaining clients via all digital channels. In parallel, we’re helping companies modernize and optimize back-end technology and business processes to enable those highly personalized front-end experiences with technology from our key software partners.

Nasdaq Closing Bell

“We are passionate about helping our clients dominate digital which means expanding revenues, increasing efficiencies and ultimately delivering improved bottom-line results,” Schwierking said.

Our colleagues who attended the ceremony said they were honored to be part of the big day.

Nasdaq Times Square Perficient Leadership

“Taking part in the Nasdaq Closing Bell ceremony was a celebration of our strong company performance through the years – a performance that continues to be rooted in an exceptional partnership between our customers, shareholders, and employees,” said Kevin Sheen, Vice President, Global Delivery and North America West Region, Perficient. “For me personally, it was an honor and highlight in my professional career that I’ll remember for years to come.”

Nasdaq Times Square

Vishal Rajpal, General Manager – Cloud, at Perficient, reflected on all the ways we’ve helped our customers succeed – and all the ways we will continue to do so.

“We were honored to ring the Nasdaq Closing Bell at a time where technology innovations are making a big impact to what the future brings for businesses all over the world,” Rajpal said. “In the past decades, we have had great accomplishments helping our customers innovate and grow their businesses solving complex technology challenges. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished for our clients, technology partners, and employees over the years. Our execution and thought leadership integrating and building complex solutions leveraging technologies from our technology partners like Pivotal, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Red Hat, and others are key to guiding our customers into the future.”

We look forward to a bright future ahead.

“I’m so proud of all we’ve accomplished,” Davis said. “And as I mentioned earlier – the best is yet to come.”

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How 3 Perficient Colleagues Took Their Careers to New Heights Mon, 20 May 2019 15:27:27 +0000

Opportunities to grow as a professional come from all corners at Perficient. Here, we spotlight three colleagues who have taken charge of their careers and risen to new levels of success. They cite supportive managers, talented and driven teammates, and challenging and rewarding projects as motivation for their continued career growth.

Perficient Colleagues Share Their Career Growth Stories: 

I Jumped on Opportunities to Learn and Grow in New Roles

How 3 Perficient Colleagues Took Their Careers to New Heights - Dora Hodanic“I started my professional journey as a technical support engineer aligned to a contact center software product. As I grew and advanced in roles as a unified communications engineer I, II, and III, I developed deep technical expertise with voice platforms and sharpened my communication skills. I moved away from a purely engineering-focused approach (solving small problems) to tackling problems on a larger scale, and I eventually transitioned into a consulting role. I now look at the depth of contact center operations and help plan and implement cloud contact center solutions, currently with Amazon Connect.

“I credit my career advancement to a combination of my personal drive, opportunities within Perficient, great management, and support from my incredibly smart and talented coworkers. My team works at a fast pace and adapts to the latest technology trends. That usually opens some doors. I also have been fortunate to work with supportive managers who listen to their employees’ career interests and look for opportunities that align with business goals.”

– Dora Hodanic, Senior Technical Consultant, Microsoft Product Development, Perficient

I Leveraged My Previous Work Experience to Transition into Consulting

How 3 Perficient Colleagues Took Their Careers to New Heights - Luc Sauer“I have had a widely varied career, with seven years of telecom experience leading into my time as a consultant. I have learned to transform skill sets from my previous roles to help our clients. My initial transition from industry was like drinking from the proverbial fire hose. But thanks to the support of my director and the rest of the team, I was able to start thinking like a consultant.

“As I have moved to different engagements, I have been able to develop my consulting skills while learning new aspects of telecommunications and delving into other industries as well. I look forward to increasingly complex challenges as I continue to learn and grow.”

– Luc Sauer, Project Manager, Management Consulting, Perficient

I Broadened My Skill Set While Tackling a Variety of Client Projects

“In my previous role as a lead technical consultant, I was given two to three solid opportunities to execute projects as a solutions architect. That experience not only led to my promotion to solutions architect but also made for a smooth transition between roles. From the beginning, Perficient has trusted me with important roles for different clients in different domains.

“I have served nearly eight clients in three years in industries such as banking and finance, healthcare, and retail. All of the clients had their own style of working. Fulfilling their specific needs helped me further develop my consulting skills. Working in cross-functional and technical domains (from Oracle BI consulting to healthcare consulting) worked in my favor as well.”

– Avik Dutta, Perficient, Solutions Architect, Oracle BI, Perficient

Read more about how Perficient colleagues are growing their careers. 

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Perficient via our Careers page. Browse our current job openings here

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How Perficient Helps Businesses Leverage Technology to #RewriteTomorrow Wed, 08 May 2019 21:06:17 +0000

Digital disruption is happening at lightning speed, and its impact spares no industry or business. Today’s technologies allow consumers to own every experience, forcing business leaders to re-examine every aspect of their business models.

As the leading digital transformation consulting firm serving Global 2000 and enterprise customers throughout North America, we’ve spent the past two decades helping companies navigate uncharted territories and rising consumer expectations, so they can innovate, achieve growth, and remain competitive.

As we celebrate our strong momentum and continued impact, we are pleased to announce that we will be ringing the Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell in Times Square at 4 p.m. ET on May 22. The occasion is one that certainly comes at a fitting time.

Just as Nasdaq is “relentlessly reimagining the markets of today,” we, too, are working to define a new era. Nasdaq’s mission to “rewrite tomorrow” is one we share. We’re driven by an insatiable desire to lead change and transform businesses across the globe. It’s the essence of all we do as we deliver digital experience, business optimization, and industry solutions to the world’s leading enterprises. As we approach the event, some of our colleagues who will be attending share how we’re helping companies digitally transform.

How We Help Companies #RewriteTomorrow

Channeling the Courage to Change

“Digital Transformation isn’t just a board room imperative or passing industry trend. True transformation is the barometer for whether companies will become relics of the past or brand builders who #RewriteTomorrow by elevating customer attraction, engagement, retention, and loyalty through every touchpoint in their journey. A mature transformation is about organizational buy-in, operational readiness, platform scalability, and the courage to challenge what worked in the past.”

– Ed Hoffman, Vice President, Digital Experience Solutions, Perficient

Empowering Patients in Their Health Journeys 

“Digital transformation challenges virtually every digital interaction – between users, devices, sensors, data and more – to happen faster, to have greater accuracy and to be a more personal, intuitive and effective experience. Across industries, Perficient focuses on illuminating and accelerating this process. For instance, in healthcare, we #RewriteTomorrow by helping our clients evolve to meet patients on their own terms, empowering them in every step – physical and digital – of their health journey.

“Along the way, we help clients leverage rapidly growing digitally-generated insight to re-engineer their strategy, technology and culture for next generation care provision, management and innovation.”

– Matt Castle, Vice President, Industry Solutions, Perficient

Challenging Convention – and Innovation Itself 

“While the digital revolution has been going on for quite some time now, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of it. The digital landscape continues to be remade through the constant interplay between large enterprises, start-ups, and even ‘gig’ economies – all pushing the envelope and each other, with time frames for revolution getting shorter and shorter. These days, a company that hesitates will lose ground at an unrecoverable rate to companies that embrace change and not only challenge convention but even innovation itself. Tomorrow is no longer imaginable because it’s being re-written hourly – right now.”

– Kevin Sheen, Vice President, Global Delivery and North America West Region, Perficient

Solving Today’s Biggest Digital Challenges 

“The sense of pride I have in Perficient as a $500m company and growing has never been greater. Ringing the Nasdaq bell symbolizes all of the customers that put their trust in Perficient to help them realize the promise of digital transformation. It also signifies the strong business relationship we have with our technology partners and the faith they have in Perficient to successfully #RewriteTomorrow by executing their technology to solve some of the biggest digital challenges facing the market. Last but not least, it’s a direct reflection of Perficient’s 3,500 colleagues around the globe and their commitment to exceeding client expectations that makes all the difference. I’m looking forward to representing all of them on the Nasdaq platform.”

– Patrick Schwierking, Vice President, Sales and North America East Region, Perficient

Attracting and Retaining Customers

“It’s an incredible honor to be a part of the Nasdaq Closing Bell ceremony. This opportunity is truly representative of the transformational changes that help us #RewriteTomorrow for our clients each and every day. Enabling our clients to more effectively and efficiently attract and retain customers, and to maximize those customer experiences directly affects their success in the market and in turn ours. I’m truly blessed to share this experience with some of the best and brightest minds in our industry and am excited about what the future holds for Perficient.”

– Brian Conway, Strategic Account Director, Perficient

Making Digital Transformation a Reality Every Day

“When I think of the Nasdaq, I immediately think of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Cisco and the tech companies that laid the foundation for this century, the new economy, and, quite candidly, my career. These, and many companies like them, didn’t just invent and build insanely great tech, they practically invented the culture of innovation and disruption that we thrive on. I’m proud of what we’ve built at Perficient because we’re right square in the middle of bringing new ideas to fast-moving clients and making it real every single day. Standing on the floor in the Nasdaq will be like standing on the shoulders of giants. We’ll be closing the session, but our minds will already be on the next day because that’s when we start to #RewriteTomorrow.

– Jim Hertzfeld, Principal and Chief Strategist, Perficient Digital

Innovating at Start-up Speeds

“The role played by digital transformation has shifted significantly over the years from driving marginal efficiency to becoming a catalyst to drive innovation. To be successful today and into the future, enterprise organizations need to innovate at start-up speeds as they adapt to changing customer desires and expectations. They need to leverage and integrate modern technologies as they compete with disruptive organizations morphing business models overnight. Perficient’s technology leaders, strategists and innovators are working with business leaders and technology executives to guide them in their journey to #RewriteTomorrow by leveraging our proven execution frameworks and deep experience.

– Vishal Rajpal, General Manager – Cloud, Perficient

Building a Better World

What’s most exciting about all the ways we’re helping customers digitally transform to #RewriteTomorrow is the overall outcome – a better world. We’re helping life sciences leaders poised on the brink of bringing monumental medicines to market. We’re enabling health care providers to deliver better patient care. We’re helping innovative retailers thrive by making it easier for customers to procure goods and services when they want, where they want and how they want.

“Digital transformation is ultimately about leveraging strategic insight, the ever-expanding and always-evolving universe of technology tools, and cultural and operational best practices to make life more pleasant, productive and plentiful for each of us – and all of humanity.”

– Bill Davis, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Perficient

Tackling the Tough Questions

“At Perficient, we are excited about helping companies digitally transform themselves, because, in order to do so successfully and beat the competition, a company must look at their organization from end to end. How do they put in place the correct infrastructure of tools, technology and process to enable scale and efficiency? How do they leverage customer data to personalize experiences, increase engagement and drive brand affinity and sales? How will their culture and values work to enable innovation and drive forward a focus on the customer, all while delivering against revenue and profit goals?

“These are hard questions to address. The brave companies that are ready to #RewriteTomorrow are engaging partners like Perficient in their journey to achieve the breadth and depth of skills required to tackle them, and the courage to take them on.

– Erin Moloney, Director, Marketing, Perficient Digital

In all we do, we strive to transform businesses for the better. We look forward to a bright future ahead. Join us as we celebrate during the Nasdaq Closing Bell ceremony on May 22. A live stream will be available here.

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[e-book] 10 Digital Transformation Strategies for 2019 Tue, 19 Mar 2019 15:30:06 +0000

Digital transformation is a high-stakes game. Business leaders often have lofty goals in the fight for survival. But big ambitions don’t always result in big wins. As a result, many decision makers are taking more pragmatic approaches in 2019 rather than trying to boil the ocean.

A Shifting Approach to Digital Transformation

Without a doubt, modernizing a business takes considerable time and investment. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, digital transformation isn’t something an organization can achieve in a year or two. Additionally, rapid shifts in technology and cultural resistance to change amplify the challenges today’s business leaders face. Moreover, Forrester predicts that “2019 will be a year in which transformational ideals translate to pragmatic actions. Leaders will make hard choices as to what is truly strategic and what is the basis for bolder strategies in 2020.”

Not Sure How to Proceed?

How to Make Digital Transformation Gains in 2019In an upcoming series of blog posts, our team of 10 Chief Strategists will share their advice for sustaining digital momentum in 2019. Subsequently, with the strategic approaches, companies can build a foundation for future success. Our Chief Strategists’ insights will draw from our newly published e-book, “How to Make Digital Transformation Gains in 2019.” In the e-book, they reveal real-world examples from conversations with today’s leading brands that at various stages of digital transformation.

Subscribe to our Digital Transformation weekly digest here to get the blog posts automatically delivered to your inbox every week. Or, follow our Digital Transformation blog for this series and advice on the topic from all of our thought leaders.

10 Ways to Make Digital Transformation Gains

Digital initiatives are the top priority for 2019. Only four percent of organizations have no digital initiative at all. That signals an overall shift to digital as a mainstream platform, according to Gartner. Above all, well-crafted strategies underpin success with digital transformation. Therefore, our strategists suggest the following steps to success in 2019:

Each Chief Strategist focuses on a specific practice area. However, their diversity of thought brings different perspectives to the table. To that end, their insights better inform the entire digital transformation journey.

“Most importantly, we help filter some of the market noise and bring clarity. From that, the knowledge gained enables clients to show actionable strategies,” says Juliet Silver, our Chief Strategist aligned to our Healthcare practice.

Want All of the Insights Now? 

Our 10-chapter e-book features our Chief Strategists’ business insights, actions to take now, and client success stories. Download it here or via the form below.

Special Series: Get the latest posts inspired by our e-book, How to Make Digital Transformation Gains in 2019, from our Chief Strategists here.

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Best Place to Work Award: Perficient Colleagues Celebrate and Share Their Experiences Thu, 07 Mar 2019 21:56:23 +0000

The St. Louis Business Journal recently named Perficient a Best Place to Work. A team from our global headquarters celebrated the honor during an awards ceremony the publication hosted to spotlight winners of the annual program.

“The recognition is a testament that our employees are truly excited about working at Perficient,” said Jason Hudnall, general manager, St. Louis. “We are extremely honored.”

During the St. Louis Business Journal’s ceremony, more than 750 attendees – a record number – cheered each other on for going above and beyond for their employees. Perficient landed in the “Large Finalists: 100-249 local employees” category, and ceremony speakers cited our high degree of role autonomy, significant work-life balance benefits, awards for excellence, opportunities to connect with colleagues during fun office festivities and outings, and more.

Back at our St. Louis office, colleagues were treated to 10 dozen donuts. In all the celebrations, the Best Place to Work award brought to mind all the aspects of working at Perficient that our colleagues hold dear. 
Teammates of all tenures – from recent hires to veterans – shared their experiences:

Why Perficient is a Best Place to Work

All-Time Favorite Employer

“I have been with Perficient for nearly four years, and I can say this has truly been the best place I have worked throughout my 20-plus years in IT consulting. Engaging leadership, continual organizational growth, and co-workers who have an authentic desire to always deliver the best all make me proud to call Perficient home.”

– Josh Ward, strategic client director, three years with Perficient

People Are a Priority

“It is rare to find a company like Perficient that never loses focus of its people, even while growing at such a rapid pace. Perficient understands the importance and the value in building a strong, positive culture. Perficient truly cares about its people, and the communities they operate in. Our customers know they have a true partner in Perficient, and not just another consulting firm looking to ring the register.”

– Kevin Kozlowski, client services director, one year with Perficient

Culture Centered on Involvement

“Perficient promotes a culture in which your fulfillment as an employee is as important as your value as an employee. Perficient values its employees as individuals, and Perficient promotes and supports employee involvement in the community. Perficient has been successful at building its St. Louis customer base while sustaining its culture of involvement. Many employees have been with the company for several years.”

– Anthony Karre, director, 19 years with Perficient

Teammates Help Each Other Excel in Work and Life

“Perficient provides many opportunities for our employees to get involved in leadership projects outside of their daily job functions. For instance, many of our team members spend time giving back and volunteering in the community. Other colleagues help coordinate amazing social events that help build culture and foster networking. Others are focused on growing their skills by lead trainings and mentoring their peers through career counseling. It’s all about building relationships and making an impact in each other’s lives.”

-Jason Hudnall, general manager, three years with Perficient

Looking Forward to the Future

“The people, our clients, our growth, opportunities to succeed, and the engagement of senior leadership has made the past seven and a half years of my career with Perficient unbelievable. Perficient is the absolute best place to work, and I am looking extremely forward to the next seven-plus years.”

– Ellie Huss, director, seven years with Perficient

Our St. Louis office was also named as one of the St. Louis Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in 2016 and a Top Workplace by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 20152014 and 2013. Perficient has been named a Top Workplace in additional markets including Denver, Chicago and Minneapolis as well. In addition, FlexJobs, a job service specializing in remote and flexible job opportunities, named Perficient a Top 100 Company to Watch for Remote Work for the three consecutive years. Perficient also maintains a 4.0 rating on Glassdoor.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Perficient at our Careers page.

Follow Perficient on LinkedIn here.

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Perficient Named a St. Louis Business Journal 2019 Best Place to Work Wed, 06 Mar 2019 15:47:01 +0000

The St. Louis Business Journal recently announced its 2019 Best Places to Work, and we are honored that Perficient landed on the list.

More than 250 nominations were submitted for the 2019 awards, and we were among the 85 companies that made the cut as a finalist.

“Participating companies and their employees completed surveys administered by Quantum Workplace, which used its own algorithm to measure communication, management structure, benefits, teamwork and several other factors at each local firm,” according to the St. Louis Business Journal. “Grouped by size, the companies then were ranked by Quantum for measuring up as St. Louis’ most employee-friendly workplaces.”

Recognition of this nature builds on Perficient’s status as a premier employer in the St. Louis area. Perficient’s St. Louis office was named as one of the St. Louis Business Journal’s Best Places to Work in 2016 and a Top Workplace by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 20152014 and 2013. Perficient has also been named a Top Workplace in additional markets including Denver, Chicago and Minneapolis. In addition, FlexJobs, a job service specializing in remote and flexible job opportunities, named Perficient a Top 100 Company to Watch for Remote Work for the three consecutive years. Perficient also maintains a 4.0 rating on Glassdoor.

Perficient is consistently recognized for providing a high degree of role autonomy and significant work-life balance benefits – and we have fun. St. Louis-based colleagues enjoy discounted tickets to St. Louis Cardinals games and the ability to procure tickets near the Perficient Perch and in the Perficient Red Jacket Club at Busch Stadium.

For the 2019 Best Places to Work award finalists, Perficient landed in the “Large Finalists: 100-249 local employees” category. Winners in each category will be announced during an awards breakfast on Thursday, March 7.

Learn more about what it’s like to work at Perficient at our Careers page.

Follow Perficient on LinkedIn here.

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Office Profile: Go Inside Perficient’s Denver Location Mon, 17 Sep 2018 20:20:30 +0000

The walk in the wintertime can be pretty brutal. Even so, Grant Gracis prefers his own two feet to his car when commuting to our Perficient Denver office. Colorado’s spring, summer, and fall months especially make the outdoor trek worthwhile.

No matter the season, Grant, a talent acquisition specialist, walks one mile to work every day down a scenic trail that winds through Lower Downtown Denver (or LoDo, as the locals call it) to where our Denver office resides at 1422 Delgany Street. On any given day, he’s surrounded by hundreds of other pedestrians pouring out of nearby high-rise apartments in the city’s oldest, yet most-vibrant neighborhood.

“It gives you some energy going into the office,” he said.

Grant isn’t the only one of his teammates who prefers to be out in nature. Several have traded four wheels for two, opting to ride their bicycles in. “It’s a super outdoorsy state,” Grant said.

Lots to Do in LoDo

Perficient Denver colleagues definitely enjoy getting out and about. They have plenty of opportunities to do so, as LoDo boasts some of the city’s best-known restaurants, galleries, shops, and boutiques – all in perfect proximity for a lunchtime meeting or an after-hours gathering.

“We moved the office about a year ago from the mid-town business district to the trendier Union Station area of LoDo,“ said Jerry Colwell, general manager, Perficient Denver.

Denver’s Cherry Creek Trail runs behind the office for colleagues who want to get some fresh air or get to and from work. For those who prefer to commute by public transit, there are readily available options as well. A refurbished and modernized transportation hub is only a few blocks away – offering bus, light rail, and train service.

Stylish Space Gives Startup Vibe

Even on days they don’t get out, colleagues seem to enjoy staying in just as well.

“Our new office is located in the historic Daniels & Fisher Warehouse No. 2 building with the converted warehouse feel of high ceilings and exposed interior brick,” Jerry said. The loft-style space features modern conference rooms, flat screens, and standing desks.

Our Denver office supports more than 125 colleagues. The entrance to the office is in the middle of the space, and that often brings together teammates who might not otherwise cross paths.

A wall of windows floods the work area with daylight and displays a scenic view of the bustling metropolis. “Denver is a vibrant and growing city with a steady influx of technology workers and start-up companies,” Jerry said.

Leave Your Ego at the Door

The energy outside the office seems to permeate inside, with colleagues describing the office vibe as “work hard, play hard.” On any given day, teammates of all positions and departments interact and exchange ideas.

“It’s more of a personal touch. It’s not just emails and picking up the phone,” Grant explained. “Everyone is treated on the same level regardless of title. We’re all here to win and all here to deliver. There’s an entrepreneurial feel, like you’re part of building the business. It makes it exciting to come to work.”

Keri MacIntyre, senior solutions architect, agrees. She’s worked at our Denver office for 14 years and has formed strong bonds with her colleagues in that time.

“I’ve met some really good friends through Perficient,” she said.

Collaboration Comes Easily

Keri spends much of her time at client sites but makes a point to head into the office as often as possible. “It gives me a chance to reconnect with my roots,” she said. And to bounce around ideas.

“There are teammates who make me think outside of the box,” Keri said. “One of my good friends in the office (Laurie Zant, a fellow solutions architect) has asked me to talk through challenges, as we typically take different perspectives on things. I appreciate that.”

“We don’t all think the same way. We challenge each other to learn and grow because we approach things from different viewpoints.”

Getting Together Outside of the Office

Keri previously headed the office’s Culture Committee, so she also got to know colleagues through the after-hours events she helped to organize. Some of the outings included baseball games at Coors Field, family trips to the Denver Zoo, and evenings at the Howl at the Moon dueling piano bar. The cultural events coupled with the new office location have helped break the ice between Denver colleagues.

“People have started to talk and get to know each other more. There are a few of us from both teams getting together soon for karaoke,” said Julie Ford, director.

Giving Back is Second Nature

Team-building opportunities come in large part from philanthropic efforts. The Denver crew is strongly committed to giving back to the community and does so often.

In late June, the “Perficient Peddlers” took part in Bike MS: Colorado. The charitable event takes riders from Westminster to Fort Collins and back again over two days. Twenty Perficient colleagues participated. Six rode bicycles and the rest supported the riders throughout the route and cheered them on. The team raised nearly $4,000.

Members of our Management Consulting team took on an extremely rewarding pro-bono project in October 2017 with We Don’t Waste (WDW). The local non-profit collects excess food from venues, caterers, restaurants, and other outlets and redistributes quality items to underserved populations in Denver.

Team members involved in the project so far include Allison Fries, chief strategist, go to market; Chris Coffin, lead business consultant; Kaitlyn McIntyre, lead business consultant; Bob Vanek, director; Dean Dormady, lead business consultant; Audra Johnson, lead business consultant; Amanda Lougee, lead business consultant; and Steve Storer, project manager.

Colleagues put their supply chain and Salesforce knowledge (among other technology skills) to good use to help WDW set up and operate a facility that makes day-to-day operations scalable.

A group of colleagues also dedicated a day to Junior Achievement Colorado and taught various levels of classes at a local elementary school. After some fairly extensive training, the group was provided the curriculum they would be teaching. Colleagues included Justin Bader, senior project manager; Heidi Kim, project manager; Ryan Thorpe, lead business consultant; Ryan Coburn, senior project manager; Brock Gustafson, senior project manager; and Luc Sauer, project manager.

In early June, colleagues walked a 5k in the 2018 Denver Heart & Stroke Walk. The team raised $450 for the American Heart Association. Participants included Jerry Colwell, Keri MacIntyre, Bob Datillio, senior solutions architect; and Bob McDowell, account developer; plus some friends and family. Teammates also ran in the Colfax Relay Marathon. The group (Tony Mauro, director; Ryan Coburn, Justin Bader, and Keith Bough, senior project managers) finished 52 out of 571 corporate relay teams with a time of 3:33.

There’s much more outreach to come by the end of 2018.

Life is Good

With Rocky Mountain National Park nearby, it’s no surprise that our Denver office boasts numerous skiers, runners, and cyclists. Julie is among the outdoor enthusiasts. She lives in a small mountain community called Indian Hills, about 15 minutes from the iconic open-air Red Rocks Amphitheatre. She spends as much time as possible outdoors, mainly running on trails that are within walking distance from her house.

“I still pinch myself sometimes as I absolutely love my life here,” she said.

Julie’s affinity for her way of life extends to her livelihood as well. She describes her coworkers as an “awesome, smart, and fun bunch.”

“I truly enjoy coming to work every day,” she said.

Grant agrees. He views the office environment as much more than “just cubes,” a perspective of the space that appears to be good for the psyche. So, too, are his daily walks to work. Just as his morning walk gives him momentum going into the office, his evening hike home serves as a way to wind down.

“It’s nice to decompress,” he said. The ease of doing so seems to suit him and his counterparts just fine.

Does your career search include Denver? Visit to learn more and browse current job openings.

Connect with us on LinkedIn here.

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