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John Whitaker

John is a Senior Project Manager in the National Oracle Business Analytics Practice. He has over 18 years of experience in the design, development and implementation of Enterprise Software Applications including Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Industry Analytics solutions. John has expertise in leading large scale projects in multiple industries including Fortune 500 companies, leading research universities and government agencies. He is currently specializing in the development of Oracle BI Cloud Services solutions including Retail, Healthcare and Higher Ed Analytics.

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Oracle BI Apps and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration

In a previous post, I described how the Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) integrates with Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  For users of on premise Oracle BI, there are other methods of integrating with Fusion Apps.  The easiest of which is Oracle BI Applications 11g as it comes with prebuilt content, data warehouse and ODI ETL […]

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OBIEE Bundle Patch is Available

Oracle has released a new bundle patch for OBIEE 12c platforms, version  The bundle patch can be found in the My Oracle Support Patches & Updates section, the direct link is here:  It can be applied to OBIEE and OBIEE  In addition to patching the OBIEE application server, developers and administrators need to […]

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What you need to know about BICS Remote Data Connector (RDC) 1.1

For companies that are happy with their on-premise data warehouse there is a fear of having to create a new data warehouse when migrating to the cloud.  Luckily for Oracle BI Cloud Service customers there are two excellent ways to avoid having to redo your warehouse.  The first method is using Oracle BICS Data Sync to do […]

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Best Practices for loading Oracle Cloud App Data into BICS

My last post on BICS and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration Architecture described how BICS Data Sync 2.2 can read the OTBI metadata to allow for near real time trickle feeds from Oracle Cloud Applications. As I described in that post, there are multiple ways to load data from the Oracle Cloud Applications into BICS.  The […]

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See OBIEE 12c and EPM 11g in Action: Sample App 607 EPM Plug-in

OBIEE 12c has seamless integration with the EPM  The OBIEE BI Admin tool can read EPM metadata and import it into the OBIEE RPD which allows you to quickly incorporate Hyperion data sources.  When you integrate the EPM datasources, the full features of the OBIEE 12c platform are available to you.  This includes OBIEE […]

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Oracle BICS and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration Architecture

In my last post, I described the methods of reporting from Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  In that post I illustrated the advantage of using BICS and Data Sync to provide a true Enterprise Data Warehouse due to its abilities to integrate data from all our your cloud, relational, big data and flat file sources.  This […]

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Oracle BICS and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration Overview

Oracle provides multiple ways of reporting from Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  Oracle HCM Cloud, CX Cloud, SCM Cloud and Cloud ERP all have Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) built into the application.  In addition, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) can also access Oracle Cloud application data and load it into the BICS Database via Data Sync.  While […]

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Oracle BICS now delivers Insight to your Inbox

In the August 2016 update of Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS), Oracle has added a great new feature: scheduled report delivery, simply called Deliveries.  In a nutshell, Deliveries is a scheduling system that emails reports on an instantaneous or regular basis.  The scheduler itself is found in the BICS Console as seen below.  Once you click on […]

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A Logical Solution to Financial Reporting Using OBIEE and Essbase

Effective and efficient financial reporting is crucial for the success of semiconductor companies.  It is critical to track revenue, shipments, and order backlogs in order to properly utilize company assets.  In addition to understanding the current financial position of the company, there needs to be visibility into company forecasts in order to do proper financial and manufacturing planning. Data […]

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See OBIEE 12c in Action: Configure Sample App Demo Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, I explained how to prepare your system for VirtualBox and download and extract the .ova file from the Oracle OTN site.  This post describes how to deploy the image, setup the virtual machine settings, how to set up your network adapters and run a critical patch.  At that point […]

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See OBIEE 12c in Action: Configure Sample App Demo Part 1

Shortly after the release of OBIEE, OBIEE Sample Application version 607 was released.  This Sample App is extremely robust and nicely highlights the updates to OBIEE 12c including Data Visualization improvements and really shows off what OBIEE 12c can do.  In addition to the core Sample App, an EPM Plug-in for Sample App is available, […]

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OBIEE supports additional Big Data & Cloud apps

OBIEE release not only boasts improved Data Visualization capabilities as I outlined earlier this week, but there are many important updates to source system support.  One of the main drivers of this is that OBIEE now supports DataDirect 7.1.5.  For those of you unfamiliar with DataDirect, it is a set of ODBC drivers from Progress Software […]

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Latest Version of OBIEE 12C further improves Data Visualization

Oracle has recently introduced a new version of OBIEE 12c, (not to be confused with the original This is the first point release of the 12c platform and contains a host of changes.  The biggest changes are in the Data Visualization side of the house where the platform has seen significant functionality additions in […]

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Every OBIEE user can evaluate Oracle Data Visualization for free

In my last post I detailed the features of Oracle Data Visualization Desktop, which is an added feature that comes with the Data Visualization Cloud Service, Business Intelligence Cloud Service and is part of the Data Visualization add-on to OBIEE 12c.  Even if you don’t have a production license, an evaluation copy can be found on […]

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Gain Business Insights with Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

Oracle has expanded its Data Visualization capabilities by releasing Data Visualization Desktop (DVD).  The underlying “Visual Analyzer” technology has been part of the Oracle BI Cloud Service for over a year but is now available as a feature-rich desktop tool.  As of right now, it is included with Data Visualization Cloud Service, Business Intelligence Cloud […]

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Oracle BI Cloud Service introduces new OBIEE 12c Style UX

Mazen just previewed What to Expect Next on BICS and now it is in the process of being released.  The first thing you’ll notice is the new clean and concise consumer-style user experience.  Site navigation and the Home page has changed dramatically as you can see in the screen shot below (the compass next to the user’s name brings up […]

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Oracle OBIEE 11g Patches ( and

Although OOW15 is getting all the headlines, including the announcement of OBIEE 12c (more info to come), Oracle has announced two new Patch Set Updates (PSU) for OBIEE 11g. OBIEE Bundle Patch  is available for Windows64, Linux32 and Linux64; this document details the installation and bug fixes. OBIEE Bundle Patch is available […]

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Oracle Visual Analyzer: Data Discovery for iOS and Android

One of the great features of the Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) is the included mobile functionality.    Oracle has recently updated the iPhone and Android Oracle BI Mobile apps to support Visual Analyzer, a data discovery and visualization tool included in the Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS). Visual Analyzer is a powerful, yet easy to […]

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OBIEE What You Need to Know

Oracle BI EE 11g Release 1 ( As you might know, Oracle has released OBIEE   There are a host of new features that I know some of my clients have been looking for; including the ability to save calculated fields for reuse in other analyses, enhanced export functionality, and Hyperion Planning data source support.  We […]

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