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Jeffrey Tang

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Perficient Digital Sponsors World Information Architecture Day

Perficient Digital was a proud sponsor of World Information Architecture Day on February 18. WIAD was a one-day conference held simultaneously in cities around the world. Perficient Digital sponsored 3 locations: Ann Arbor, Atlanta and Los Angeles. 160 attendees flocked here in L.A. Presentations frequently touched upon best practices in research for information architects. The following topics […]

User Experience Debt: Why, What, and How? (Part 3 / 4)

Part 2 in this series talked about defining the purpose for resolving UX debt. Why do your designs matter to you and your business? This post will suggest ideas for the next step: assessment. What needs to be done to improve your designs? Nothing fancy. Just a map of where you are and where you want to go.   Assessments are categorized […]

User Experience Debt: Why, What, and How? (Part 2)

Part 1 of this post shared some ways that I’ve seen user experience debt burgeon from projects. This includes all manner of usability flaws and poor experiences. Here, Part 2 offers a strategic framework for addressing those problems. It’s divided into the following 3 sections as “Why”, “What” and “How.” Purpose. Why do we want to improve […]

User Experience Debt: Why, What and How? (Part 1)

As a user experience designer, I used to think that the worst designed websites were the best candidates for improvement. Symptoms of user experience debt may sound familiar to you – confusing navigation, excess clicks, accessibility violations, and painful load times. I applied to jobs thinking the larger the UX debt, the greater the opportunity. […]

Creativity: A Matter of Taste

What’s the #1 quality attributed to designers? Creativity. A creative director literally manages creatives… in the creative department. This isn’t just organizational, it’s procedural. For instance, Lean UX promotes design studio activities in which participants create dozens of rapid-fire sketches. Those outbursts of creativity are great, but what’s rarely discussed is taste level. I feel that good taste […]