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Jennifer Rostal

Jennifer is a senior project manager at Perficient. She is a Certified Team Coach and Scrum Foundations Educator with the Scrum Alliance and the Perficient Agile Community founder. Her passion is helping customers, colleagues, and teams build their agile mindsets, relationships, and skills through coaching, training, and mentoring.

Blogs from this Author

Working Agreements for Team Cohesion

This is the second post in my series focused on individuals and teams. In this blog I will share how working agreements help a group of disparate individuals become a team. A team is a group of individuals who come together to work towards a common goal.  But a group of individuals doesn’t become a […]

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Listening to Understand, Not to Save the World

One of the values in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development is “Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools”. People who embrace the agile mindset tend to put a heavy emphasis on people and teams.  We dream about having cohesive, happy teams who can tackle any challenge.  But what happens when we run into challenges? […]

Advice for Starting Your Career at Perficient

Recently I had the opportunity to introduce our Bright Paths graduates to Scrum, as well as facilitating Scrum Foundations and Product Owner 101 workshops for some of our new colleges hires. During that time I found myself sharing some of my advice for being successful in their careers with us. While I was focused on […]

Business People Using Pen,tablet,notebook Are Planning A Marketing Plan To Improve The Quality Of Their Sales In The Future.

It’s Okay to Fail

One of the benefits of taking an agile approach to product development is the opportunity to make mistakes, to learn from them and to improve.  Our sprints and frequent releases work to our advantage, giving us the chance to inspect and adapt.  We can fail fast, reflect on the experience and quickly change direction to […]

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5 Ways to Test an Idea Without Spending a Fortune

Inspiration is all around us.  That inspiration can come from something we see or hear while going about our daily lives, from our own experiences, from our customers or from internal stakeholders. Suddenly you find that ideas start to flow and the excitement builds.  You get carried away and want to start developing right away.  […]


Does Your Team See the Big Picture?

If I were to ask one of your team members “what are you building?”, what are they more likely to answer? I’m adding a couple of checkboxes to the “Subscriptions” page I’m working on a feature that allows us to learn how and when a customer wants to hear from us.  This will allow us […]


Demonstrating Leadership without Authority

A colleague recently reached out to me asking for advice on growing skills and obtaining certifications to meet their goals of being given the role of leader.  Our conversation ended up focusing on how certifications and skills are essential, but it’s practicing key skills and taking initiative that benefit you more.  While the title may […]