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John Quaglietta

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The Path to Sainthood | 3 Miracle’s from Oracle Open World

They say it takes 3 miracles to reach sainthood, plus a little luck. Well, this past week spent at Oracle Open World, I had a chance to witness 3 “miracle-like” events that I want to share with you. Now, I wouldn’t put them on par with parting a sea, or healing the sick, but they […]

Oracle Open World | Is it time yet?

It’s that time of year again when Oracle holds its event of events…Oracle OpenWorld. Pilgrims will be descending on the Moscone center in San Francisco 1 week from today. They will network, learn, socialize and dream. Great conversations will be had, new business partnerships formed, existing ones strengthened. We’ll all be waiting with baited breath […]

Rambling on Retention

Deliberate rambling is sometimes a good tool (for me at least) to flesh out and present different ideas…kind of like brainstorming. I have worked with hundreds of global organizations on the subject of customer retention, and it’s by no chance this topic continues to swirl in my brain. I consulted some long ago notes on the […]

Painting by Numbers: Using CX Blueprint to Link Touchpoints

I was recently sent a Harvard Business Review (HBR) article titled, “The Truth about Customer Experience”.  The gist of the article is that historically speaking, companies have been focused on improving touch-points, individual interactions, and in doing so, forget to focus on the cumulative experience – the end to end customer journey from purchase to […]

1 Coin, 2 sides…and an edge

My last blog was dedicated to the economic value of a customer lifetime. An important topic given it forms the basis for any investment an organization made or will make in programs aimed at improving the customer experience. In essence, it speaks directly to why the for-profit firm is in business…for profit. As promised, we’ll […]

The Value of a Lifetime

Virtually every notable leader in business over the past half century can be attributed to at least one quote on the importance of customers to organizations. Some quotes resonate with folks more than others. One that resonated with me is by Professor Michael LeBouf. Professor LeBouf said, “Treat your customers like lifetime partners”. It’s short […]

The Oracle of Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) as a business strategy has been steadily increasing in importance over the past decade. This increase in tempo is due to the fact, that at some level, people who run for- profit organizations understand that engaged customers drive positive financial performance. The increase in tempo can also be attributed to macro-economic factors. […]