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Why Cloning Pages in Sitecore May Not Be The Shortcut You’re Looking For

Oftentimes in my work with clients, we are asked a lot about shortcuts or ways to quickly and easily re-create content pages from their website that have complex layouts or are very labor-intensive. We discussed in a previous blog post how copying is not always the best answer. In this blog post, we’ll review why […]


Author Training Resources Follow-up: Sitecore’s New eLearning Offerings

Back in February, I made a post reviewing training resources that were available to new content authors. Since then, Sitecore has released 18 new courses for Marketers, Administrators, and Developers on their eLearning portal that cover a variety of topics on the platform. While I cannot speak to the developer and technical training, I was […]

Duplicate vs Copying: What’s the Difference?

I’m going to tackle another common Sitecore Author training question regarding the duplicate and copying commands in Sitecore. Many new authors have used these features trying to save some time, only to be confused when their pages don’t seem to work in the way they thought. In this post, I’ll explain why this feature can […]

Resources Available for New Sitecore Content Authors

In response to a previous blog post on the 6 Sitecore video channels to follow in 2019, I was asked: “What other training resources are available for brand new Sitecore content authors?”. Unfortunately, my answer right now is “Not many.” However, in this post, I’ll try to give you the good and bad on what content author focused Sitecore resources are […]

Sitecore’s Rename vs. Display Name

One of the more common questions that comes up during Sitecore Author training is around the rename and display name functions inside of Sitecore. In this post, we’ll go through what each function does and also give some examples of how and when to use them effectively during the content authoring process. What’s in a […]


What’s a GUID and How Does Sitecore Use It?

Just as the cell is considered the building block of all life, the GUID is a “building block” for all items as they exist in Sitecore. In this post, we’ll go over some GUID basics and talk about why they’re important to the way content and other items are referenced inside of Sitecore. What’s a […]

6 Sitecore Video Channels to Follow in 2019

Everyone has their own favorite learning style. For those of us who are visual learners, there are a few good YouTube channels available to help explain the various features and functions of Sitecore. Here are a few of my favorites: Official Sitecore YouTube Channel Sitecore’s official channel features a good variety of general Sitecore knowledge. The […]

Avoid These “Gotchas” During Your Website Redesign

We’ve all been there. Someone at your company takes off for a three-day design conference and returns with a travel mug and tote bag full of design ideas to freshen up your web presence. They get signoff and engage with an agency that incorporates all the “latest and greatest” that looks stunning as comps, but […]

Should Your Content Authoring Team All Be Sitecore Admins?

Having established roles and workflows in Sitecore makes for good governance and ensures your authoring team is supporting your content strategy. While this seems like an organizational no-brainer for larger content teams, you may wonder if smaller teams need the same level of oversight. Don’t all these formal rules and processes just get in the […]