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Jenn Mertens

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Eliminating Technical Debt: Cleaning Out Old Orgs for New Growth

Tempted to “start fresh” in a nice new clean org? While this is sometimes the best option, the true impact on users, and challenges of data migration and replicating existing functionality that should be retained are all underestimated. At a Dreamforce 2016 session, Heather Schreiber of AON, the world’s largest insurance broker, described their experience […]

“Good Luck With That!” 1 Global Program for 18 BUs – #DF16

Today I attended the Dreamforce 2016 session “Good Luck With That!” Running One Global Program for 18 Business Units by Sharon Moura from Tyco. Tyco is a $10B global fire and security leader moving from a holding company to an operating company model. In 2015, they set a course for becoming commercially excellent amid the complexity of […]

Joe Montana Speaks at Dreamforce on Creating Success

This year’s Dreamforce was filled with a ton of sessions, interesting demonstrations and exciting announcements.  But, for me, there was one speaker who was particularly interesting and that was Hall of Fame former 49er quarterback, Joe Montana.  Maybe he was so interesting to me because I grew up in a family of San Francisco natives […]

Preparing to Integrate Your Data with Salesforce

Without exception, every Salesforce project I’ve managed over the past several years has involved some data integration. Integration is the name of the game: providing more efficient, streamlined processes and better customer insight. This can translate into lower costs and higher sales so its well worth the investment. However, the majority of these projects experienced […]