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Artsy. Smart. Spunky. Jena has over 10 years of expertise in graphic design, UX, creative strategy, and branding.

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Where’s the Brief?

Everyone loves the iconic “Where’s the BEEF?” commercials from Wendy’s, which became famous in the 1980s. But here is a better question when dealing with your business: “Where’s the Brief?” First things first… what’s a design brief? Meat of the Matter Let’s take a closer look at what a brief is and what it does: Your design brief […]

Why Mood Boards Are Worth the Extra Time

Mood boards. I love them. You’ll love what they can do. Why? As a graphic designer, using mood boards is one of the best ways for me to find a design direction. But more importantly, they help our clients decide what they are looking for – and articulate what they really want. Plucking images, layouts […]

Team In A Meeting Cubicle At A Big Corporate Business

Your Logo Isn’t Your Brand: 3 Tips for Crafting Your Brand Voice

What is a brand voice? It’s your personality. Just like you or me, your brand will have traits that can be easily identified and recognized by your customers. Finding your brand voice isn’t always easy, and it takes time to figure out what tactics work best for the messages that you’re trying to send. But […]

Sorry, Kids: Your Logo Isn’t Your Brand

So many clients ask for a logo, and then think, “Great, I’m done! Here is my brand.” Not to be the bearer of bad news, but actually, no. Your logo isn’t your brand. Of course, it’s one aspect of it, but it’s really not the most important part. The Designer Perspective One of my biggest challenges as […]