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Consumer Corner with Jim & Michael

Recently, the Consumer Markets practice held a webinar focusing on the Connected Consumer in 2015 and Beyond!  We had a few insightful questions at the end of the webinar that we thought we would share with everyone: How do manufacturers, brands and retailers work together for the actual connected consumer? Michael Forhez: Retailers and manufacturers are now […]

NRF – Recap with Jim & Michael

Jim: Well, the BIG Show is over, the tent is coming down, and everyone is scrambling to make flights home and make something out of four days in the Big Apple. The question is just what did we learn and what do we intend to do with it, Michael? Michael: Like everyone else, after I […]

NRF – Day 1 Recap with Jim & Michael

JH: So, Michael, speaking of the NRF, you said it was “BIG” – truth or fiction, then? MF: Bigger isn’t always better, but this year it’s true. And what a difference a year makes! More traffic, more energy, and conversations that are going to change everything. But I speak with hyperbole, and you are the master […]