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Jim Hertzfeld

Principal and Chief Strategist

Jim Hertzfeld is Principal and Chief Strategist for Perficient Digital, and works with clients to make their customers and shareholders happy through insanely great digital experiences.


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Why Strategy Is Exactly What You Need Right Now

When many people think of the word “strategy,” they start to conjure up images of a long-term plan built around some theoretical idea that may never happen. Unfortunately, many well-intended, traditional strategies have been outdated attempts at predicting the future that were beset by the realities of market changes, bad data, and, more often than […]

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Getting to What Matters Most with Now/New/Next

The last best experience. It may seem unfair or counterintuitive to compare your organization’s customer experience to others outside your industry, but your customers are doing it every time they interact with you. They are holding you accountable to your promises but they are also passing judgment against the expectations set from experiences they have […]

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Essentials for Your Digital Strategy: Lean Transformation

Delivering seamless, consistent, and engaging experiences starts with a customer-centered digital strategy. This ongoing series explores the characteristics that make up a great digital strategy and how to deliver powerful brand moments that solidify customer loyalty and drive differentiation for your organization. Earlier in this series, we revealed the importance of organizational alignment for your […]

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Essentials for Your Digital Strategy: Emerging Business Models

Delivering seamless, consistent, and engaging experiences starts with a customer-centered digital strategy. This ongoing series explores the characteristics that make up a great digital strategy and how to deliver powerful brand moments that solidify customer loyalty and drive differentiation for your organization. Innovation is not just about technology As we work with clients, we find […]

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4 Strategies to Make CX a Competitive Differentiator

I have two pieces of old news to report. First, the world is changing faster than ever. The second piece of old news: customers are more empowered than ever and have almost complete control over their own journey. So, what is the real news today? These two well-established trends have joined forces to push companies […]

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Omnichannel Strategy: Consistent Experiences at Every Touchpoint

Omnichannel experiences are ones that provide a seamless shopping experience across all channels – in brick-and-mortar stores and across digital. To do it well, your messaging and the purchasing processes must be consistent and harmonious. Why is omnichannel marketing essential? This attempt to be everywhere for everyone means that traditional retailers could have an advantage […]

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Customer Service Through Self-Service: Your My Account Experience

You may have a different name for it, but your My Account experience is the self-service avenue you provide customers to manage their relationship with your brand before, during, and after the purchase process. This includes elements such as their shopping cart, wishlist, payment and shipping information, order history, loyalty program membership, preferred brick-and-mortar store, […]

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Creating an Immersive Product Experience

The product experience encompasses all aspects of the product itself: what it does, detailed product specifications, images, video, sizing and color options, complementary product recommendations, and customer-provided content like ratings, reviews, and images of the product in use. Why is your product experience so essential? As more and more retail purchases are made online rather […]

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How Lids Created the #1 Omnichannel Experience

Total Retail recently released its annual ranking of the top 100 publicly traded retailers, and athletic wear company Lids Sports Group found themselves in the #1 position. We are thrilled for our client Lids on this recognition, and for its commitment to continuously transforming itself to compete, win, and differentiate in an increasingly sophisticated omnichannel […]

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What’s In Store for In-Store Tech?

We wanted to close out a great week at Shop.org with another topic we found threaded throughout the conference and among brands and retailers: How technology is transforming – not replacing – the physical retail experience. I think we’ve firmly settled into the fact that omni-channel business is just business as usual. But is it […]

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Why End-to-End is Just the Beginning

If you’re reading this blog, I hope you’re also following our social media feeds, downloading our guides, and browsing our website. Maybe you’ve sat in on a presentation or a webinar from us. Better yet, maybe we’ve had a chance to do business together. If so you may have picked up on a Perficient Digital’s […]

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Shopping for Values…with Values

At the NRF’s Shop.org conference this week, we’re seeing a renewed emphasis on personal values in the marketing mix. The retail industry continues to be disrupted in new and interesting ways, but brands are finding success taking personalization to a much more personal level. Anna Cole, Director of eCommerce at Carhartt, talked  about their experiences […]

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Toys “R” Us Reimagined?

Rough news for iconic Toys “R” Us this week as they declare bankruptcy – right on the cusp of the holiday shopping season. Another casualty in this year’s string of retail setbacks, disruptions, and (optimistically) transformations. Analysts cite an over-investment in stores and perhaps too many years of letting the website wither on the vine. […]

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Nordstrom and the Reimagination of Retail

Nordstrom just announced that they are opening Nordstrom Local, a new concept store with zero inventory and plenty of one-on-one attention. The store opens in West Hollywood on Oct. 3 — one week after this year’s shop.org event in L.A. (maybe we’ll get a sneak peek when we’re out there.) The format is an experiment […]

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What Can Uber’s Original Pitch Deck Tell Us about Innovation?

Way back in 2008, Garret Camp pitched a little idea called UberCab, which eventually became Uber and went on to almost single-handedly create the so-called Sharing Economy. To say that Uber was a disruptive innovation might be one of the biggest understatements of the last 20 years. It’s disrupted the taxi business, put the auto […]

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We Want to be the Apple and Amazon of…

In the course of getting to know many of our clients and their aspirations, we often work with them to get a better understanding of the competitors and companies they admire and are inspired by. Of course, companies are always trying to keep up with and outwit their competitors, but more often we find clients […]

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Dream Big: Building a Great Digital Strategy

We often work with clients that have varying degrees and varieties of a “digital strategy:” something that sort of sets the direction on what, why, and how they are becoming or improving their digital footprint. Sometimes it’s just an idea in someone’s head. Other times it’s the product of painstaking research and planning that thought […]

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What They Want. When They Want. Where They Want.

Earlier this week I was flying through LAX, and, due to construction in the terminals, I needed to leave the terminal I arrived in, wait in a line, board a bus, and find my way into another terminal to make my connecting flight. On top of all that extra effort, delay, and confusion, it then […]

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Smart Personalization: It’s About Me. And You. And You. And You.

Personalization has been on the radar for years, but so far this year, it has been front and center of 100% of the client projects I’ve worked with. One hundred percent. In a world full of spam, pop-up ads, and in-your-face marketing, customers are still willing to trade their privacy for a good deal (that […]

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All-Natural and Highly Scalable: Whole Foods + Amazon

Back in 1999 (the year that Whole Foods opened its 100th store), Amazon invested heavily in a grocery delivery startup called HomeGrocer. Sales peaked at $1.5 million per day, but unfortunately HomeGrocer couldn’t stay fresh past the dot-com expiration date. Eighteen years later, two of the most iconic brands in the modern era may join […]

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