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John AmbroseSenior eCommerce Consultant

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5 Roles You Need To Build Your Digital Transformation A-Team

When beginning a journey of digital transformation, many business leaders make the mistake of starting by tasking their IT department with leading the initiative from the technical implementation aspect. The problem with this approach, is that while technology is an enabler, it’s not really addressing the problem. In reality, the company leadership needs to start […]

Home Furnishings eSeries – Find Online and Buy In-store: An Interesting Path to Purchase Furniture

There’s much talk in the world of digital commerce about the great need for “convergence” between the online and offline buying experience. How does online shopping from the comfort of my living room translate into my in-store shopping experience, and vice-versa? Being in the eCommerce profession, I tend to find the buying journey (no matter […]

3 Key Data Points to Drive Online Growth

It’s fitting that the Magento Imagine 2017 conference kicked off with a session about using data to drive strategies for online growth. Robert Moore, Head of Magento Business Intelligence, shared insights and findings on the analysis of sales and customer data across hundreds of online merchants. The focus was on identifying what top growth performers […]

New Release Sneak Peek: Magento 2.1

Announced originally at Magento Imagine 2016, I had the opportunity last week to review the new enhancements being release in Magento 2.1.  A few of these enhancements should give merchandisers and PayPal users a reason to smile. Staging and Preview – This enhanced capability provides the ability to create, preview, schedule and stage a wide […]