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Imranur Raheem

Imranur Raheem works as a QA Technical Consultant at Perficient, where he is involved in an API testing and AEM testing project and has 5+ years of testing experience. Enthusiastic about acquiring new talents and passing those skills on to others. Sharing his talent via his blog.

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Hidden Auto Suggestion drop-down values – How to handle in Selenium

Handling Hidden dropdown suggestions/Auto suggestion values in your Selenium Automation script? In our day-to-day automation work we have encountered many drop-down elements and that can also be handled by many ways. One of them is hidden auto suggestion drop-down values which we can’t inspect hence can’t automate.   Problem 1: Go to Enter any […]


Introduction to the Awesome World of Cypress automation – Getting Started

What is Cypress? Cypress automation is the latest front-end testing standard that every developer and QA engineer should know about. It is a cutting-edge front-end automated testing solution for modern web applications. Cypress is mainly used for: Unit Testing Integration Testing End-to-End flow Testing Nonetheless, it can be used for functional testing as well. Although […]

Introduction to API… The effortless definition to understand

What is an API? API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface/intermediate software that allows two different applications to talk to each other.     WWW and Remote Servers A WWW (World Wide Web) is about communication between Clients and Servers Clients are browsers. Servers are database/backend of the websites. Every page on the internet is […]