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Hrudesh Thete

Hrudesh is a software engineer working as a TQM professional with the EHI team. Before this, he worked on the Ford Project for Metrics testing and gained knowledge of analytics testing. Hrudesh is fond of learning and exploring new technologies.

Blogs from this Author

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The New Era of Software Testing: Scriptless Test Automation

In the fast-paced world of technology, scriptless test automation is essential to ensuring successful delivery. Automation testing is designed to reduce the manual testing efforts and provide wider testing coverage, resulting in accelerated deployment timelines and increased quality of deliverables. By automating the test cases and user stories, you can significantly accelerate the testing process. […]

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An Introduction to the Power of Analytics

In today’s world, information is considered our greatest weapon, and analytics is the forge that creates it. Analytics refers to the process of finding, illuminating, and communicating meaningful patterns in data. Through analytics, you can turn raw data into insights that will help you make better decisions. By understanding the different aspects of your data, […]