Holmes Salazar

Holmes Giovanny Salazar Osorio is a Software Development Engineer in Test. He has over 7 years of experience in designing and developing testing strategies for international projects, using agile methodologies and best practices. Currently, Holmes works as part of the Quality Engineering team to create a highly-scalable SaaS platform focused on sales performance management and wealth management functions.

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Utilizing Static Analysis Testing for Infrastructure as Code

For those in the quality assurance (QA) field, one of today’s most complex challenges is testing infrastructure as code  (IaC- iac test). As a result, IaC deployments are not always tested correctly, or sometimes not at all, leading to multiple issues for many organizations. While software testing has always existed, automation testing related to infrastructure […]

An Introduction To Data Driven Test Automation

An Introduction to Data-Driven Test Automation

Without exception, all applications and software products should undergo thorough testing before they hit the market, making the testing process an integral part of the software development lifecycle. While there are several ways to approach software testing effectively, data-driven test automation is one of the most valuable and powerful methods to adopt in the current […]