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Hugo Camacho

Hugo Camacho is based in Monterrey, Mexico. He is a Technical Lead on an internal project that serves a dual purpose: developing new talent to join Perficient while crafting a top-tier application for creating and searching resumes within the Monterrey BU. Throughout his career as a developer, he has discovered his true passion lies in mentoring others to unlock their inner developer potential.

Blogs from this Author

How AI Brought Me Back to My 101 Developer Skills and Fears, and How I Turned the Tide

Yes, the AI wave brought me back to a challenging period in my career. It took me back to my junior developer days when I did not know much about software architecture, best practices, or fixing performance issues. After approximately 7 or 8 years, that sense of uncertainty returned. I was unsure where to start, […]

Two female colleagues having a strategy meeting.

Who Teaches Who?

This “Socio Formador” journey began way before this year in my scenario. Somehow I knew eventually that I would become some sort of teacher. It is not my dream job but, I remember back when Inflection Point hired me, I was a 21-year-old kid who knew nothing, and thanks to the great support that I […]