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Sandeepkumar Gupta

Sandeepkumar Gupta is a Lead Technical Consultant at Perficient. He enjoys research and development work in Sitecore. He has contributed to Sitecore projects based on SXA, ASP.NET MVC, and Web Forms. He has also contributed to Sitecore upgrade projects.

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Enhance Sitecore 10.2 Sitemap

Challenge: In Sitecore 10.2 with SXA, enhance the Sitemap with the following: Limit Sitemap content size to 50MB (uncompressed) and URL count to 50,000. If the limit is exceeded, split into multiple Sitemaps and reference them in a Sitemap Index. If you are on Sitecore 10.3, regarding this enhancement, check out the post – Split […]

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Split SXA Sitemap into Multiple Sitemaps if the Size Limit is Exceeded

Challenge: One of the best Sitemap practices is limiting a single sitemap to 50MB (uncompressed) or 50,000 URLs. We must break the Sitemap into multiple sitemaps if we have a larger file or more URLs. Then, reference each of them in the Sitemap index. Sitecore 10.3 onwards, SXA Sitemap supports splitting the Sitemap into multiple […]


SXA Map Component Part 8 Google Ratings and Reviews in Search Results

Challenge: While using the SXA Map with Search Results to explore nearby locations or businesses, I want to include Google ratings and reviews in the search results. This addition will allow me to gather valuable insights about each location or business without clicking on individual markers to open an info window. Solution: A quick look […]

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Intermittent Issues with Sitecore Solr Search Results

This blog post concerns the intermittent issue with Sitecore Solr search results in Solr Cloud. Depending on the application and architecture implementation, root causes can be different. But I would like to share the problem we faced and its fix so it may help someone facing the same problem and can apply the same fix. […]

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SXA Map component Part 7 Most Relevant Google reviews

Challenge: As a user, while browsing locations or businesses on the SXA Map, I want to see the most relevant Google review comments so I can gain more insights about the location or business. Solution: To set up the SXA Map on the page and add Google average rating and total reviews in the info […]

SXA Map component Part 6 Google average rating and total reviews

Challenge: As a user, while browsing locations or businesses on the SXA Map, I want to see the Google average rating and total reviews in the info window so I can decide on a better location or business. Solution: To set up the SXA Map on the page, please check the first post SXA Map […]

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Excluding and Including Sitecore Assemblies in Helix Publishing Pipeline Solution

If you have a Sitecore Visual Studio solution inspired by Helix Example and tried source control the Sitecore assemblies or Hotfix assemblies and are unable to copy it to the deploy folder then this post explains how we can publish the same to the deploy folder and we will try to understand how it works. […]

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SXA Map Component Part 5: Filter Locations with Radius Filter or Custom Filter Slider Components

Challenge: Hi Folks! Welcome back. In this post, we will explore how we can filter the locations’ search results based on the radius distance from the current location or the given location. We will use the Radius Filter component and a custom Facet Slider component to filter the locations’ search results. One can use any […]


SXA Sort search results by distance for mapped multiple locations

Challenge: We have seen how to sort the locations i.e., POI items by distance based on the current user location or the location given by the user. (Refer to the post – SXA Map component Part 3 for more detail.) In this post, we will explore how to sort non-POI items’ search results by distance. […]

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Query string-based custom SXA Search tokens for various search results scenarios

Challenge: Setting up a generic search result page with a Search box and Search Results components can be simple. Occasionally, we get the specific requirement for the search page which focuses on some particular fields and specific sets of search results. Let’s consider a page having a search results component showing results filtered based on […]

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Custom SXA token for search scope query to support all the filter operations

Prerequisites: Sitecore 10.2 instance Basic understanding of the following: SXA search components and their settings Search Scope Predefined SXA search tokens in the search scope Challenge: We can provide multiple search filters in the search scope query for an SXA search results component. We can use the predefined SXA search tokens in the filter. If […]

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SXA Map component Part 4 Show POI markers for the same coordinates

Challenge: Hi Folks! Given the SXA Map component configured on the page and if we have multiple POI items with the same coordinates, then it shows only one of them on the map. Apparently the last one in the content tree. Let’s explore how we can fix it and show all the POI items information […]

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