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Gary Brandt

Gary Brandt is a Senior Solutions Architect focusing on custom solutions design, development, and delivery utilizing the Microsoft platform and Azure cloud services. He has more than 20 years of development and consulting experience and has seen a lot of different technologies over the years. He is always excited about the emerging changes and to see how they will impact the work we do today and in the future.

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Website Design. Developing Programming And Coding Technologies.

Blazor, Are You Ready?

Introduction Building SPA’s I have been involved in several web application projects implemented as a single-page application (SPA) with a REST API interface to the backend in recent years. In all of these cases, the SPA was built with React and the Flux/Redux design pattern. Since my background is heavily .NET and Azure-centric, the API […]

Computer And Tools

Building Modular Pipelines in Azure Data Factory using JSON data

Azure Data Factory (ADF) pipelines are powerful and can be complex. In this post, I share some lessons and practices to help make them more modular to improve reuse and manageability. Why Modular Pipelines? Pipelines are composed of activities, as the number of activities and conditions increases, the difficulty in maintaining the pipeline increases as […]