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Post-Digital Transformation

5 Steps to Monetize Your APIs

APIs are a foundational technology that enables companies to participate in the digital economy. APIs have the potential for value creation such as the establishment of new channels for products and services and the enablement of entirely new digital businesses models. The ecosystem created by connected enterprises, customers and suppliers via APIs has an economic […]

A Roadmap to Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy systems are a challenge to a digital business model The digital economy is accelerating and the businesses who are leading the way are the ones that deliver distinct business value using the most current data available in the most consumable means possible. The compelling reasons to modernize legacy IT applications and processes are to […]

Mature Your Microservices Program

Microservices are gaining popularity for their potential to deliver scalability, resilience, and agility that wasn’t possible with service-oriented architecture. Over 70% of organizations are investigating microservices adoption, but many are encountering challenges to success in achieving these goals with the additional strain on IT to be more agile, adopt new technology, and embrace DevOps. Microservices […]

Getting Started with API Management

APIs are a foundational technology that enables companies to participate in the digital economy. According to Gartner, “It is impossible to provide the platform for any digital strategy, and run an effective API program to benefit from the API economy, without full life cycle API management.” Yet API management is still often a gap in […]

Steps to Assess Your Integration Architecture

In this article we will examine the rationale and steps to assess your integration architecture using industry analysts’ perspectives. If you question the need for a robust integration architecture, consider that both Gartner and Forrester stress integration as critical to a digital transformation and the running of a digital business. According to the Gartner report […]

Establishing an Integration Center for Enablement

Gartner introduced the idea of bimodal IT with mode 1 focusing on stability and efficiency and mode 2 being experimental and agile. With regard to integration Gartner said , “The bimodal approach to integration is emerging as the strategy that would enable directors of integrations to support the agility, flexibility and rapid integration long coveted […]

Getting Started with iPaaS Integration

Gartner introduced the term Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) as “a suite of cloud services enabling development, execution and governance of integration flows connecting any combination of on premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data within individual or across multiple organizations”. iPaaS includes many of the following features: Integration flows that connect applications […]

Features in Informatica Cloud Spring 17 Release

With the new release of Informatica’s iPaaS offering they add API management capabilities to the industry leading cloud data integration and synchronization platform. They also strengthened their on-premises agent to improve throughput and availability by adding load balancing and clustering. API management is a significant new Informatica capability. With API Management users can API-enable data […]

Getting Started with API Security

APIs present many security challenges, however it is common to have little or no security architecture or design for APIs built for use within project teams. APIs are channels into application systems so unsecured APIs are a huge security risk. When getting started with API security consider the following API security risks: APIs are a […]

A Program Framework for Digital Transformation

Technology alone cannot create a Digital Transformation (DT) Strategy that will lead to sustainable business growth. There must be IT alignment with a market-driven DT business strategy that defines the mission, goals and roadmap for business service implementation. IT must have a shared DT mission with the business. There must be an understanding of how […]

Use Cases for Cognitive Computing using IBM Watson

Watson, IBM’s natural language processing and machine learning engine, has received a prominent role at the IBM 2016 InterConnect Conference. Watson has been showcased on the main stage in Las Vegas in keynote presentations and across IBM products and brands in the breakout sessions. IBM has featured customer stories for Watson in many industries for […]

IBM InterConnect Keynote – Digital Business Transformation

IBM opened the 2016 Interconnect conference this morning with the general session entitled Digital Business Transformation. Certainly a hot topic that sets the stage for the conference with IBM’s focus on a hybrid cloud strategy to integrate mobile, IoT, and cognitive technologies. The session was kicked off by IBM customers highlighting their solutions built on […]

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