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Eric Roch

Chief Strategist, IT Modernization & Integration

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Getting Started with API Security

APIs present many security challenges, however it is common to have little or no security architecture or design for APIs built for use within project teams. APIs are channels into application systems so unsecured APIs are a huge security risk. When getting started with API security consider the following API security risks: APIs are a […]

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A Program Framework for Digital Transformation

Technology alone cannot create a Digital Transformation (DT) Strategy that will lead to sustainable business growth. There must be IT alignment with a market-driven DT business strategy that defines the mission, goals and roadmap for business service implementation. IT must have a shared DT mission with the business. There must be an understanding of how […]

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Use Cases for Cognitive Computing using IBM Watson

Watson, IBM’s natural language processing and machine learning engine, has received a prominent role at the IBM 2016 InterConnect Conference. Watson has been showcased on the main stage in Las Vegas in keynote presentations and across IBM products and brands in the breakout sessions. IBM has featured customer stories for Watson in many industries for […]

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IBM InterConnect Keynote – Digital Business Transformation

IBM opened the 2016 Interconnect conference this morning with the general session entitled Digital Business Transformation. Certainly a hot topic that sets the stage for the conference with IBM’s focus on a hybrid cloud strategy to integrate mobile, IoT, and cognitive technologies. The session was kicked off by IBM customers highlighting their solutions built on […]

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API Best Practices from Successful API Teams

The API management software company 3scale has put together a free ebook (requires an email address) The API Owner’s Manual that including best practices from successful API teams. The book recommends using Alexander Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas to define the business case for API offerings. The Business Model Canvas defines a structured way to analyze […]

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Establishing an Integration Strategy and Roadmap

A recent Perficient post highlighted the need for an integration strategy and outlined the problems with legacy integration approaches and tools. This post offers an outline of the activities, topics for consideration and deliverables needed to create an integration strategy and roadmap. Without being too prescriptive in the approach to an integration strategy, it is […]

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Integration Strategy in a Digital World

In the report CIO Call to Action: Shake Up Your Integration Strategy to Enable Digital Transformation Gartner says, “Most CIOs have yet to recognize that their traditional, established integration strategy cannot cope with digitization’s fast technology innovation and accelerated pace of business.” IT integration competency centers  (ICC) and the software they use grew out of […]

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Establishing Best Practices for API Architecture and Standards

A strong approach to API development is one that is driven by business value and objectives and governed by reference architecture and standards. It is common for companies to develop sets of APIs for point projects only to find that after years of project-based development, they have hundreds of APIs built with little commonality and a great […]

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Unplug Your Legacy ESB

With the shift towards hybrid cloud architecture and the exponential growth of mobile applications it is essential to establish an integration strategy that supports new computing models that include on-premises, cloud and mobility. Legacy middleware has a monolithic architecture, proprietary components, complex operating environments and expensive licensing. A dated integration style greatly slows mobile development […]

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Lessons Learned from the Government’s Cloud-First Strategy

An analysis of the U.S. Federal Government (Fed) cloud strategy and implementation progress to date is an interesting exercise given the scale of the undertaking (the Fed’s IT budget peaked at $83B in 2013) the complexity of the requirements (e.g. securing classified information), the estimated size of the cloud spend (estimated between $1.4B and $7B […]

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The Benefits of Service-Oriented Architecture Approach for APIs

Perficient’s integration practice is over 15 years old so we have been through the rise of proprietary integration brokers, the hype cycle of SOA, and the hyper growth of APIs and the rising popularity of microservices. These approaches and technologies are related with the common goal of systems interoperability and share a common lineage and evolution […]

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Twitter please improve user experience

Billionaire venture investor and Twitter shareholder Chris Sacca recently wrote a much deliberated post and open letter to Twitter entitled What Twitter Can Be. His reason for writing this long letter was, “Twitter can be so much more than it is today.” An excerpt from his writings follows: Hundreds of millions of new users will […]

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Digital Transformation without APIs and Data Costing Millions

A recent UK study sponsored by Apigee found that a digital transformation should include mobile apps, APIs and data analytics. And that companies “investing in these core digital technologies are eight times more likely to increase revenue from digital activity, this is when compared to those who are only developing apps.” The report found that […]

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Enterprise Architecture Models for Digital Transformation

Enterprise Architects learned long ago the benefits of describing architecture in different perspectives or views. John Zachman, gave us a structured way of viewing and defining an enterprise architecture in the 80s. But in many companies enterprise architecture (EA) has evolved to technologists that set architecture standards often without much insight into corporate objectives. The […]

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User Experience with Poor Data Quality

We are living in what many are calling the age of the consumer. Companies today rely on their reputation and their customer’s experience to drive revenue. Customers expect real-time information such as product, pricing and availability via their mobile devices. Data quality issues equate to poor customer experiences. Consider the customer’s perspective if they show […]

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Digital Transformation Hindered by Data Quality

Not surprisingly, surveys point to a need for a customer experience makeover. A poll by Econsultancy in association with Ensighten referenced in the article “Why Marketers, Agencies Haven’t Mastered the Customer Experience” lists the following benefits to customer experience optimization: Higher engagement and conversion rates (by far the highest ranked) Better brand perception and loyalty […]

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Architecture Needed to Monetize APIs

The Harvard Business Review Article, “The Strategic Value of APIs” says, “…there are multiple ways APIs can generate growth for companies. While many may see APIs as just a technical concept, they clearly overlook the rising strategic significance of APIs. Particularly with the internet of things bringing digitization to all kinds of products and services, […]

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