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Copying distribution groups to cloud for Outlook/OWA management

While directory sync provides a much needed service for Office 365 tenants one pain point that comes up pretty regularly is distribution group management once you’re in the cloud. Sure the groups get synced to the cloud but if you’ve been used to managing the group memberships with Outlook when everyone’s mailbox used to be […]

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Changing UPN for Office 365 account between two SSO domains

This is a reminder for some or heads up for new tenants about an issue you might have run across that occurs when you try to change a user’s userPrincipalName in your local AD when using dirsync. If you change the UPN (left side of @) and keep the user in the same domain, dirsync […]

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Lync 2010 integration with Exchange Online Hosted Voicemail

I recently came across an issue when one of my peers in the enterprise voice group helped integrate their existing on-premise Lync 2010 environment with hosted voicemail in the cloud. We followed the recommended steps outlined in these series of TechNet articles and other publications and everything seemed to work fine with a few test […]

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Using PowerShell in Windows Server 2012 to create a simple lab

I’ve been meaning to sit down and spend some time exploring the new Active Directory cmdlets that come with Windows Server 2012 so I decided to use my lab to create some test objects and populate the mailboxes with some messages. My lab setup is very simple: 1 – Windows Server 2012 domain controller 1 […]

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Converting a DiskPart script to PowerShell on Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 and PowerShell 3.0 offer thousands of new cmdlets to make any scripter happy. One set of cmdlets had me intrigued when I first heard about them. The cmdlets in the storage module interested me because frequently I would have to deploy a bunch of new Exchange servers and depending on the design […]

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Why I love PowerShell…and so should you

 This blog post is meant for both the PowerShell newbie and scripter out there looking for a reason why they should start learning aptly named PowerShell or push themselves to learn a new aspect of PowerShell they’ve been meaning to try. It’s been a few years now since PowerShell first came to be. Remember those […]

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CSV Utility to split or combine CSV files

I thought I’d share a little utility I wrote using PowerShell and PrimalForms a while back. Having done numerous migrations using CSV files I’m always looking for ways to speed things up, especially when dealing with the tedious tasks of working with CSV files. Frequently I would have to create or combine CSV files for […]

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Exchange 2010 Federation (well, half-way there for now)

Federation is certainly a welcome and interesting feature in Exchange 2010. Being able to share calendar information with other organizations will greatly improve collaboration efforts, especially with shops leveraging both on-premise and Exchange Online services for their information workers. There is a modest amount of information on this feature and how to set it up […]

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Mass account activations in BPOS

Bulk account activations are now available with the latest Microsoft Online Services Migration Tools. If you’re like me performing this in the past was a pain since you had to activate the accounts through the web portal which allowed you to activate only a handful of accounts at a time and collecting the passwords for […]

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Exchange 2010 Beta First Looks: E-mail Moderation

The next release of Exchange will include e-mail moderation, whereby you can "ask" for approval to send messages to certain individuals or domains. I think this is pretty neat and beneficial for firms looking to apply compliance controls or build ethical firewalls to avoid any potential legal issues. As in my earlier blog on e-mail […]

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Quest MSDE Null Out Field Value

Disclaimer: ***Although the steps outlined in this blog will work, it is NOT supported by Quest. Use at your own risk and be prepared to recreate your database if something goes wrong.*** This article is intended for those familiar with Quest’s migration products but will work in general for any SQL table in which you […]

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Useful Exchange PowerShell One-Liners

After working on various Exchange-related projects you start to accumulate some useful scripts and tools. For me, PowerShell has proven to be an invaluable tool and although I usually can’t find enough time to develop ellaborate scripts, I do occassionally come across some common but useful one-liners in some situations. Here’s a few of these […]

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Publishing Outlook Anywhere using NTLM Authentication on ISA 2006

The title of this blog sounds familiar, right? Maybe. Well, when I went searching for a way to do this I hit dead end after dead end. I searched everywhere (,, TechNet, blogs, forums, etc) and came up empty. It sounded like an obvious thing to want in order to minimize the impact on […]

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