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Ed Murphy

Ed is a solutions architect and leader for the Emerging Platform Systems group in the area of SOA and application/systems integration. In his career, Ed has been in involved in all facets of the project life cycle from analysis and assessment to execution on consulting engagements in several industries and on many technology platforms. As a leader, Ed enjoys providing guidance to clients and mentoring the technology leaders of the future. Ed is also co-lead of Perficient's API management practice where he uses his skills to discover opportunities to help clients by transforming their business for the digital age. Ed is based in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Contact Ed via e-mail.)

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Looking Past API Management When Starting An API Program

When I was learning to bowl, my father taught me to not focus on the pins, but focus on the arrows (also called “dovetails”) that are about halfway down the bowling lane. The purpose of the dovetails are to help improve your targeting on whatever pin you are trying to hit. It helped my game […]

Charting Your Digital Journey

I recently read an article that I think really puts the right focus on digital initiatives which is a great response to the question “You’ve started your digital transformation journey, so now what?” The article hits several notes that are well-known to folks that have read my articles before. Customer experience is a primary focus. Your business must […]

Build up Core Strengths for Your API Strategy

This is another in a series of exploratory questions that someone might ask when kick-starting an API strategy for your company. Contact the author. What are your important considerations before establishing an API strategy? I’m not what one might call an exercise enthusiast (though I do enjoy working up a sweat) but Pilates has always interested […]

APIs Support 21st Century Leadership

I read an article today by Adam Lent that took a perspective on how leadership is changing based on what has been happening with social media in the past decade. The sentence that jumped out at me was this. The result [of the success of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.] is a growing awareness from those who […]

Helping Developers Help Themselves to Your APIs

This is another in a series of exploratory questions that someone might ask when kick-starting an API strategy for your company. How do you make it easy for users to access your business assets and capabilities using APIs? A word that is typically used when people start talking about getting access to APIs today is […]

APIs Can Support a Culture of Innovation

This is another in a series of exploratory questions that someone might ask when kick-starting an API strategy for your company. How do APIs foster innovative development? Why would you want to foster innovative development? Innovation. It’s a word that is bouncing about these days, but what does it mean in the context of API […]

What to Consider When Forming an API Strategy

Businesses today face many challenges to use their resources (personnel, data, and capabilities) to support their brands and connect with customers in as effective and engaging manner as possible. In many cases these challenges can be defined in two concepts: “exposure” where information and capabilities are made available to people who can use them and […]

A look back at Tax Day and the technology that went into it

The government uses a lot of technology, and the current administration established the position of Chief Technology Officer as a step to increase the use and efficiency of technology in government. Today is Tax Day in the United States and for our global readers that’s April 15, which is the deadline here in the United […]

Making Beautiful Music with APIs

I love jazz. As a young boy moving from rural South Carolina to New Orleans in the early 80s, I had not really appreciated the genre, but in New Orleans it’s easy to fall in love with it since it has made itself part of our DNA (as an early style of the genre was […]