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Fixing COBOL layout issues using DFDL LPEX Editor

Introduction: In general for message modeling COBOL  copybook layouts we use the DFDL parser within IBM Integration Bus Toolkit  to model and generate the DFDL schema . In some cases we find COBOL layout errors in generating the message model. We might think that once a COBOL  copybook is defined in the mainframe environment and is working why would it error out ? One of […]

How to handle CICS requests from IBM Integration Bus(IIB)

Introduction: This article will outline the necessary steps to be taken with respect to calling existing CICS programs from IBM Integration Bus ( IIB ) using COMMAREA  data structures. The COMMAREA  specifies the name of a data area ( known as Communication Area in CICS Region) in which data is passed to a program or transaction. The maximum length of the COMMAREA  cannot be larger […]