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Eduardo Abaricia

I have a bachelor's degree in Accounting, MBA, and CPA. I have 6 years experience in HFM/FDMEE involving manufacturing, service, and marketing industries.

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Caution: Promoting a Base Entity to a Parent Entity

Promoting a base entity to a parent entity in Hyperion Financial Management application should be avoided. Parent data are normally the summation of all the “Contribution Total” from its children. Parent entities do not have its own data in HFM other than adjustments if entity dimension attributes allow adjustments at parent level. In an existing […]

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Utilize the Improved Functionality of the Latest Version of HFM

A client in the manufacturing industry I was working with recently upgraded from Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) version 9.3 to Their application design in V9.3 served their management reporting needs so well that they required the same functionality in Managerial reporting is very important to the client in addition to their statutorial reporting requirements. […]

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