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Dragana Simonovic

Dragana is a newly graduated engineer of Mechatronics and a Sitecore enthusiast and certified SCORE developer. She hopes her posts will help people who are just entering the world of SCORE and Sitecore. The programming technologies Dragana has experience with include MVC.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, and C#. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and reading.

Blogs from this Author

Sitecore Test@2x

Tips for passing the Sitecore® 9.0 Certified Platform Associate Developer Exam

In order to prepare for the Sitecore 9.0 Certified Platform Associate Developer Exam I took the Sitecore Platform Essentials for Developers 9.0 Curriculum. This consists of 8 modules dedicated to each of the key aspects you need to learn about Sitecore in order to pass the exam successfully. There are also other ways to prepare […]

Sitecore Azure Blob Storage@2x

Sitecore integration with Azure BLOB storage

If you have an already existing Sitecore solution that you are planning on moving to the Azure cloud you need to understand the Blob service concepts firsts. Azure Blob storage is Microsoft’s object storage solution for the cloud.Blob storage exposes three resources: your storage account the containers in the account and the blobs in a […]

Website Construction Line Style Illustration

Sitecore 9 Forms – Creating and Adding Custom Actions

Take advantage of the customization that comes with Forms in Sitecore 9. You can create, add and modify custom actions to personalize form performance.

Mobile Form@1x.jpg

An Introduction to Sitecore 9 Forms: Creating Forms and Adding to Existing Pages

Welcome to the first installment of the Sitecore 9 Forms series. This series of articles will cover the use and customization of the new Forms module. We’ll begin with the basics and review how to create a form and add it to an existing page.

Jttc Install Sitecore9 01

How to Quickly Install Sitecore 9

Ready to get started with Sitecore 9? Installing it can be quick and easy if you have the right tips and tricks. Learn the prerequisite software and configurations you’ll need to install Sitecore 9 and hit the ground running!