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David is an engagement director at Perficient, David estimates, architects and delivers digital marketing solutions at scale on the Sitecore Platform. A 3X Sitecore Technology MVP, David has written articles for MSDN Magazine and the Microsoft Architecture Journal. He has spoken at Sitecore Symposium, Sitecore Virtual Developer Day, user group meetings and code camps.

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Understanding the Architecture of Sitecore Personalize & CDP

Often when people think about Sitecore Personalize, they are only thinking about Web Experiments or Experiences – The feature of the product that allows them to add a pop-up, modal or swap content on their websites. But the platform really is so much more powerful than that. It is really meant to be the foundational […]

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Using NextUI with Sitecore’s Headless SXA framework

Sitecore developers transitioning from MVC to headless face something they are probably have not been used to in their time developing Sitecore solutions: “Choice.” While you could integrate whatever CSS and JavaScript libraries into your MVC solutions, it is nothing compared to the ecosystem that Next.js and React provide and how easy they make it […]

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5 Common Questions about Sitecore and Headless Content Management Systems

I too often find myself in the technical weeds when talking about headless architectures and Sitecore Headless Services. Talking about things like GraphQL and Search, Proxy Architectures to support gradual migration, and Rendering Host options and edge functions. I don’t think I’ve done a great job of bringing the conversation up a level and helping […]

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A Practical Roadmap for Existing Sitecore Customers to Move To XM Cloud

Sitecore’s XM Cloud CMS is the future of enterprise content management offerings from Sitecore, and a viable option today. With new tooling including: “Sites”, “Pages” and “Components” it offers a better content author experiences that is not available in its other CMS offerings. With built in analytics, personalization that works at the edge, you are […]

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Top 10 Takeaways from Sitecore Symposium 2022

After two years of virtual conferences, the Sitecore community descended on McCormick Place in Chicago for Sitecore Symposium 2022, their flagship user conference, to see how the transformation of their product from monolithic DXP to a composable suite of products was going. The event had several surprise announcements, and there were plenty of insights into […]

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Taking a Product Development Approach with Sitecore to Maximize Business Impact

As a consultant for over 20 years, I am very familiar with projects. Projects have a scope. They have a schedule. They have a budget. When it comes to Sitecore, it is very tempting to use projects to do everything: A project to stand up the platform. A project to build a site. A project […]

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Integrating Sitecore XP with Sitecore CDP and Personalize

My favorite feature of Sitecore XP is Progressive Profiling. You can setup models of visitor behavior, tag content and Sitecore will use math to determine which pattern of behavior they are most closely exhibiting. And that can be used to drive personalization, helping really model personas and journeys directly in Sitecore. Sitecore’s Demo sites usually […]

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Configuring Multiple Sites to Run on Sitecore in Docker Containers

I recently went about setting up Sitecore’s Lighthouse Demo . While I found the documentation on setting things up fine, with several blog posts that describe it in more detail, once things were running and I could see the Lifestyle Lighthouse Site on the CD url. But when logging into the CM server, I noticed there […]

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How to Reset the Sitecore Admin Password inside a Docker Container

I’ve experienced an issue setting up the Lighthouse Demo and the Play Summit demo in recent weeks. Once I get through all the normal issues of setting up a new environment, I can’t log into Sitecore. I know I passed “b” to the init script, but alas, I get an invalid username and password error. […]

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How to add Headless Features to your Sitecore MVC or SXA Solution

If you’ve been on Sitecore for at least a few years, you most likely have a custom MVC solution, or you’ve used an accelerator like SXA (hopefully you’re off webforms and XSLT by now).  That solution likely includes custom components and integrations.  That solution may have even survived an upgrade or two. That solution probably […]

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Understanding Web and Full Stack Experiences in Sitecore Personalize

Vocabulary is important when trying to understand a new product. Understanding Sitecore Personalize requires understanding its vocabulary. When you start digging in you’ll note that both “Web Experiences” and “Web Experiments” have both “Web” and “Full Stack” Options. While the big difference between “Experiences” and “Experiments” is the additional setup needed to properly evaluate the […]

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Sitecore XP, Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize Features Compared [Infographic]

At Perficient, our Sitecore team has shared Team Chats and someone asked if anyone had a chart that compared Sitecore XP and the newer capabilities of Sitecore CPD and Personalize. I couldn’t find anything, so I created a table and then turned into an infographic.   If you’re interested in evaluating how XP, CDP & […]

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