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Data Governance – a must-have to ensure data quality – Part 2

In Part 1, we saw an overview of Data Governance and the initiatives firms need to take to incorporate governance. Let’s now look a bit more in detail about Data Quality Management as this is a key step in Data Governance towards ensuring data quality. Why is Data Quality Management necessary? Data Quality Management is […]

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Leveraging NoSQL & Business Intelligence

I just happened to hear about the NoSQL Now Conference taking place at San Jose through this weekend and thought it would be interesting to explore a bit about bridging NoSQL and BI. What is NoSQL? NoSQL (‘Not Only SQL’) can be defined as the next-gen databases which differ from the traditional ones in being […]

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Quality Data – a key pre-requisite for any BI technique

There was a recent post in the HBR blogs that stated that ‘Success comes from better data, not better data analysis’. While this sounds cliche, it is a fact and we tend to ignore the value of quality data. Nowadays firms invest on hiring some of the best analysts in the industry with the […]

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