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Client-side Configuration in Your OpenShift or Kubernetes Pod

While preparing a workshop showcasing the power of OpenShift on Azure (ARO) to .NET Core-focused developers, we strived to align to the methodology of 12-Factor Applications. Specifically, rule number three – Configuration. Since an application is likely to vary between deployments (i.e.: developer environments, staging, production, QA, etc.), its configurations could be stored as constants […]

On-Premises Claims Authorized SharePoint and Hybrid Apps in Azure

I recently needed to deploy a SharePoint-hosted App that would work in both SharePoint Online and On-Premises. My client had an Azure license, and we are hosting the App there. Now, how to get the On-Premises farm to work with my App? I started by reading this MSDN article on the subject. This article had […]

SharePoint Development Environment Database Optimization script

So if you are like me you have more development VMs than SSD space and do everything you can to keep your VM space down. One of the biggest things you can do is set your database options to Simple recovery model. This means that you won’t be able to do point in time backups […]

Test Document Generator

Many of the projects I do have some form of document management in them. Whether developing demos or features around document management it is often necessary to have test documents. Most of the actual word documents I generate for my role are around sales or feature documentation and have a bit of proprietary information within […]

How to modify the SharePoint 2010 Bread Crumbs control

Let’s say you do something fancy with your publishing site that changes the page hierarchy and would like the Bread Crumbs to account for those changes. You could create your own Bread Crumbs control but there is a quicker and more supported way that will allow your changes to affect the OOB Bread Crumbs control. […]

How to make web.config changes with a feature and why you should

In many places I see it recommended to change the web.config to turn this on or fix this or add this, these changes work fine in development or single server environments. However if you are going to deploy your fix or feature to a multi-server SharePoint farm and you are planning to make the changes […]