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Dale Less

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SPSS Does Regular Expressions

Well. OK, it does use Python, but you can use Python and regular expressions within IBM SPSS.  Regular expressions allow you to do complex string searches with a minimal amount of coding.  Both IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler do a good job with string manipulation.  However, you often are faced with performing complex string searches […]

Writeprint Analysis Using IBM SPSS Statistics and Modeler

Writeprint or forensic linguistics analytics as it is often termed is used to analyze unstructured text data to determine authorship.  Different variations of writeprint analysis has been used for hundreds of years analyzing the different books of the Bible to determine their authorship.  The works of Shakespeare have also been extensively studied to determine if […]

Social Network Analysis in Action – Crime Ring Fraud Detection

This is a continuation of our previous discussion on getting started with Social Network Analysis (SNA). So now that we can do some SNA with NodeXL, how do you now go out and catch the bad guys?  Well, remember, SNA is a network of entities.  So let’s take auto insurance fraud for example and show […]

Tips on Getting Started with Social Network Analysis in SPSS

Part 1:  What is Social Network Analysis and how do I get started quickly? I am going to be sharing with you the path that I took to get myself up to speed on Social Network Analysis (SNA) using SPSS Modeler.  If you are new to SNA, or just curious on what SNA is all […]