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Don Hammer

Don Hammer is a Client Executive at Perficient. He has a Masters of Medical Informatics from Northwestern University and focuses on analytics across the finance, operations, HR, consumer. patient and clinical domains.

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How to Stay Ahead: The Next Competitive Advantage

The realization of competitive advantage has changed significantly over time. In the early days of IT automation, custom-built systems that handled the transactions of accounting or sales were a tremendous competitive advantage. Over time, building custom systems that handled all the transactions of a business provided competitive advantages to the leading companies who were able […]

Healthcare Marketing – The Keys To Engagement: Crawl.Walk.Run.

At a recent Chicago Healthcare Marketing Summit, Jason Rushforth, Oracle Vice President of Industry Solutions for Mobile, Display and Marketing talked about the keys to healthcare marketing. His overall message was that marketers in healthcare need to crawl, walk and then run as fast as possible, because somewhere someone is running faster than you are! […]

5 Steps to a 360-Degree Healthcare Marketing Strategy

Last month I attended a Healthcare Marketing Summit in Chicago. During the event, Melody Smith Jones, Manager of Connected Health at Perficient discussed how hospitals should be taking the best practice marketing ideas and approaches from the retail industry and applying them to healthcare. Setting the stage for applying A Retail Strategy for Healthcare Melody […]

6 Keys to a Digital Marketing Mindset in Healthcare

Chris Bevolo, author of “Joe Public Does not Care about your Hospital” and more recently, “Joe Public II: Embracing the new Paradigm” spoke at the Chicago Healthcare Marketing Summit on May 27. He shared why the word Paradigm is the right word to describe the sea change in digital marketing: In 1962, Thomas Kuhn wrote […]

3 Perspectives on Healthcare Marketing

I recently attended an event in Chicago where Chris Bevolo (Author of “Joe Public II: Embracing the New Paradigm”, Melody Smith Jones (Manager, Connected Health at Perficient) and Jason Rushforth (Oracle Vice President of Industry Solutions) discussed the evolving healthcare marketing landscape. I was pleased to see that these three individuals presented three topics that […]