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David Soderna

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Why become a ‘Social Business’? (Part II)

Last week, I left you with the first 5 points to how social creates value in the workplace. Continuing that blog, here are the top 5. #5 Increased Collaboration Potential: Collaboration is more than creating and sharing. It is difficult for organizations that reward individual behaviors and accomplishments to truly collaborate. In order to effectively […]

Why become a ‘Social Business’? (Part 1)

The term ‘Social Business’ has many different meanings; for some, it describes how businesses leverage social networking services like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to market or sell their services. While this externally facing definition is certainly valid, ‘Social Business’ also describes how companies are using social networking concepts and technology to enable their employees to […]

#SPC11: Day 1

It’s been an interesting and exciting first day at SPC11. Everything from the facilities to the overall organization to the drive and excitement are what we’ve come to expect from a big Microsoft Conference. SharePoint has truly invaded Mickey Mouse’s neighborhood. What’s also impressive is the impact the SharePoint Community has on shaping the conference. […]

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

SharePoint Search provides excellent search capabilities and features that many organizations can leverage with minimal customizations and configurations.Plus, with the addition of FAST for SharePoint and its big brother FAST Search for Internet Servers (FSIS), Microsoft has a deep search offerings to solve countless search opportunities. However, even with features such as metadata-based results refinement […]

The What, Who, and Why of SharePoint Governance

It’s been over five years since I first heard of the words ‘portal governance’ and I remember being completely bewildered at its meaning or purpose. At the time, I was working (competing?) with a colleague to get our ‘portal’ businesses up and running. He was focused on IBM Portal and I was the SharePoint guy. […]