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Introduction to FastConnect TIBCO Factory

FastConnect TIBCO Factory is a software factory, and not to be thought of as a framework, in that it gives tools to develop, build, package, deploy, manage and monitor TIBCO applications and environments but no implementation of functional or technical services. FastConnect is plug-in based. The available plugins: BWMaven CodeReview BWMaven: BWMaven is a Maven plugin to […]

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TIBCO BW Plug-in – REST and JSON Usage

TIBCO provides support for REST and JSON plug-ins for the Business Works 5.x edition; these plugins can be installed after installing Business works 5.x edition manually. REST plug-ins can allow the user to invoke Restful web services and expose BW applications as Restful web services. JSON plugins will help to transform XML data to JSON […]

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Apache Sqoop–A means to work with Traditional Database

With the growth of big data technologies, there has been much discussion about Hadoop and traditional databases. One question that comes up frequently is “How do you handle data sets in a traditional database?” Hadoop has demonstrated that it can handle a large quantity of data with ease in processing and high throughput. Apache Sqoop provides a […]

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