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2015 Forrester Economic Impact Study of Google Apps for Work

  PURPOSE OF THE REPORT It’s sometimes difficult to quantify and communicate the value of collaboration in monetary terms. In an effort to help businesses make better data-driven decisions, Google recently partnered with Forrester to quantify the value of going Google, highlighting not just the pure cost benefits of data center reduction, etc., but also the […]

Google TIP of the Week: How to use Google Hangouts

Over the last few years I have seen an increasing business need to incorporate cost effective communication tools to keep mobile workforces connected. I rarely go through a day without someone asking me how to increase collaboration with their virtual workforce, without increasing costs due to equipment, training, or software fees.  I love this question because I get to highlight […]

Google TIP of the Week: How to setup and use Gmail Offline

Since many users travel these days and want to use their down time in the airport or on the plane to read and manage their messages, one of the most requested questions I hear is, How do I setup Gmail for offline use?  To resolve this request and to kick off our weekly tips and […]

My Top 7 Google Security Tips for Users and Admins

I.  Create Safe and Secure Passwords – By far the easiest way to access your mail account for nefarious activity is by using a stolen password. Google Apps User Make sure you create safe and unique passwords for all your important accounts Make sure you store your passwords in a secure way Try using a password generator […]

Top 10 reasons to go Google

1.      It is a mission critical productivity solution that is both easy to deploy and easy to maintain! With an experienced deployment partner, transitioning from your current legacy system to Google Apps for Work becomes a well-rehearsed change management procedure.  Additionally Google Apps for Work is the leader and only email productivity solution built from the ground […]

Moving to the Cloud, does it take a leap of faith?

Decision makers today are all about the bottom line, how can we increase productivity while still lowering operational costs?  These are typically mutually exclusive goals, but does it have to be that way?  Reducing costs may not maximize profits, if we consider technologies that increase production efficiency and we agree that greater productivity is a direct […]