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Comakshi Ars

Comakshi Ars is a Solution Consultant at Perficient.

Blogs from this Author

Imaging in the Cloud – Make Payables Pay Off at #C19TX

In this world of automation and the new standard for productivity, out-of-the-box Automated Invoice Imaging integration, provides you with a hands-free, paper-free, storage free process to create Payables invoices in Oracle Cloud. Supplier’s Invoices are emailed/scanned and Oracle Invoice Imaging will create the invoices in Payables. Let Oracle Invoice Imaging solution simplify the Invoice data […]

Tips to Generate 2019 US 1099 Reporting In Oracle Cloud

Its 1099 reporting time of the year, Payables folks must report certain type of Supplier payments to the IRS. What are the key considerations to generate US 1099 in Oracle Cloud using US 1099 Report process? Oracle Cloud supports 1099 reporting by Legal Entities for a Reporting Entity. This means that reporting entity set up […]

How to Use Multiple Period Accounting for Deferred Expenses

If you have the need to defer recognition of incurred expense across multiple GL periods, you can use the Multiple Period Accounting (MPA) feature. Good business application scenario would be expenses incurred for a yearly subscription for a software license, semiannual contract for janitorial services, rental lease paid in advance, etc. Oracle MPA supports PO […]