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Brian PattersonSenior Business Consultant

Brian brings 4+ years of experience to Perficient's Data Intelligence Group with specialties in the areas of Data Capture, Enterprise Search, Enterprise Content Management, Business Process Management, Product Development, Content Migration, and Platform Evaluation Analysis. Collectively, he has added value to over a dozen projects for clients large and small across North America with a focus on industry solutions for finance, healthcare, energy, and insurance. Before joining Perficient, Brian studied Systems Engineering at the University of Virginia. Brian currently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Find it with Nero

5 Reasons Why Nero is the Top Google Search Appliance Alternative

Nero is Perficient’s solution for customers looking for a Google Search Appliance (GSA) replacement. Built on open source technology by Perficient’s experienced enterprise search practice, Nero is positioned as the best product on the market for customers looking to rip and replace the GSA once it goes out of support in 2019. These five reasons […]

Finding the Optimal Alternative to the Google Search Appliance

Google decided to sunset the Google Search Appliance over the next several years, leaving a gap in the enterprise search space for organizations dependent on it for their public website search and secure internal search. New hardware sales stopped in 2017, license renewals for Google Search Appliance customers phase out in 2018, and support ends […]

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Questions to Consider When Replacing the Google Search Appliance

Are you looking at replacing the Google Search Appliance? With Google’s upcoming sunset of the hardware-based enterprise search product, organizations dependent on it for public website search and secure internal search need to evaluate potential replacements. License renewals end in 2018, leaving customers with limited time to develop a replacement plan going forward. Customers evaluating […]