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Bill Busch

Bill is a Director and Senior Data Strategist leading Perficient's Big Data Team. Over his 27 years of professional experience he has helped organizations transform their data management, analytics, and governance tools and practices. As a veteran in analytics, Big Data, data architecture and information governance, he advises executives and enterprise architects on the latest pragmatic information management strategies. He is keenly aware of how to advise and lead companies through developing data strategies, formulating actionable roadmaps, and delivering high-impact solutions. As one of Perficient’s prime thought leaders for Big Data, he provides the visionary direction for Perficient’s Big Data capability development and has led many of our clients largest Data and Cloud transformation programs. Bill is an active blogger and can be followed on Twitter @bigdata73.

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Disruptive Scalability

The personal computer, internet, digital music players (think ipods), smart phones, tablets are just a few of the disruptive technologies that have become common place in our lifetime.   What is consistent about these technology disruptions is that they all have changed the way we work, live, and play.  Whole industries have grown up around these technologies.   […]

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Thoughts on Oracle Database In-Memory Option

Last month Oracle announced Oracle In-Memory database option. The overall message is that once installed, you can turn this “option” on and Oracle will become an in-memory database.   I do not think it will be that simple. However, I believe Oracle is on the correct track with this capability. There are two main messages with […]

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Evaluating In-Memory DBs

This month Oracle is releasing its new in-memory database.   Essentially, it is an option that leverages and extends the existing RDBMs code base.   Now with Microsoft’s recent entry all four the mega-vendors (IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle) have in-memory database products. Which one that is a best fit for a company will depend on a […]

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Big Data: Integral Part of an Information Architecture

Forrester recently released some research titled “Reset on Big Data” and this research highlighted the lag between IT’s understanding of Big Data’s role within the enterprise data ecosystem.   In short, business leaders were 40% less likely to cite Big Data’s role as an extension to the current the current analytical environment.  This is not surprising […]

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Data Warehouse Role in Big Data

Last year the Data Warehouse was on the endangered species list.   A number of Hive solutions were being marketed as the Data Warehouse killers. However, this message has been muted this year and is evidenced by some developing trends. First, all of the mega-vendors have announced technologies to access data in Hadoop.   Oracle and IBM […]

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Yarn – The Big Data Accelerator

Yarn….. Yes, Hadoop may be changing everything, but when Yarn was released, the change pedal has been pushed aggressively to the floor. Putting the technical details aside, the bottom-line is that now multiple concurrent workloads can be executed and managed on Hadoop clusters. This “pluggable” service layer has separated the data processing and cluster resource […]

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Risks Associated with Niche Big Data Vendors

One of the not so nice parts of the conference is seeing companies that have technology that have been superseded by the new releases of Hadoop, primarily Hive. One company, boasted about the fact it did not have to do full scans and could return SQL queries in seconds on large datasets. The look on […]

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Secure Reflections from Day 1 at Hadoop Summit 2014

The Hadoop Summit has definitely been worth attending.   Along with the SQL on Hadoop focus, security has also been center stage.   Cloudera acquired encryption specialist Gazzang which follows an acquisition by HortonWorks of a security company, XA Secure.  The traditional data warehousing players like IBM, Oracle, and Teradata all tout their robust security offerings for […]

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Making Big Data Real

Update from the Hadoop Summit: Its only part way through day one and there is an un-mistakable theme: Interactive SQL on top of Hadoop is here, and in a big way.   Stinger, Impala, and a number of other niche providers are not promising, but delivering on interactive SQL.   Benchmarks, case studies of production clients, hands […]

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Hadoop Summit – The Future of Big Data

Next week is the Hadoop summit in San Jose. Perficient, along with almost every Partner, will be attending, sponsoring and/or exhibiting. Big Data, especially Hadoop-based solutions is the most dynamic area of IT. Hundreds of companies have products and solutions, all geared at increasing the value enterprises are able to extract from their information. Hope […]

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IT Business Cases for Big Data Systems

Over the past couple years I have had the opportunity to work on a number of Big Data initiatives. As one would expect, having a well-defined business case is key to success. However, in a number of companies, I am seeing pure IT business cases, generally focused on cost reduction, to justify Big Data investments […]

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Three Big Data Best Practices

One of the benefits of the Hadoop is its ability to be configured to address a number of diverse business challenges and integrated into a variety of different enterprise information ecosystems.  With proper planning these analytical big data systems have shown to be valuable assets for companies.  However, without significant attention to data architecture best […]

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The Need for a Business-Focused BI Strategy

I have had the opportunity to provide advisory services for a number of clients in the past few years.  I am surprised at the large number of these clients that do not have a BI Strategy and do not feel that a BI Strategy provides value.  In talking with our clients I have noticed a […]

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What is Agile Business Intelligence?

Agile Business Intelligence is a term that is thrown around a lot.  It is interesting to ask people  “What is Agile BI.”   In general, since I work with mostly technology people I get the answer like “agile BI is the application of agile SDLC methodologies like SCRUM to deliver BI capabilities to business stakeholders.”  To […]

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