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Alisha Truemper

I joined the Perficient XD team in July 2014. With a background in Search Engine Optimization, and an appreciation for User Experience, I've grown into a Content Strategist.

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What Does This Icon Mean? The Answer

On Monday I showed you an single icon from NPR One’s website, and I asked you ponder what you might expect to happen if you clicked on that icon, then to post the name you would give the icon in the comments. It’s friday. So, I’ll make good on my promise to reveal the true meaning of the icon […]

What Does This Icon Mean?

In his blog What Happens When You Push the Broccoli Button? Brian Flanagan brought up a great point about iconography.  A few hours later after reading it, I misinterpreted the meaning of an icon on a website. I showed the icon to Claire, a co-worker, who guessed something completely different would happen upon clicking the icon than I did, yet […]

Calculating Delivery for 7 Levels of Content Editing

All content work is not equal. Several factors influence how long it can take to edit a single document. Let’s review the seven levels of editing as detailed by Susan Wyche, and lay a foundation for how to calculate the time it takes to edit content.

How the Perception of Effort Impacts Content Marketers

People are impatient. They expect a lot of effort to be performed on their behalf, but without seeing that effort they can’t appreciate it, yet they want it all the same. According to recent research, making users wait may create the expectation that what they receive has greater value, and that more effort went into preparing it. For content marketing […]