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Anthony Taliaferro

Anthony Taliaferro is A Senior Technical Consultant with Perficient's EPM practice. He is also an Oracle University certified instructor teaching ODI, FDMEE as well as the EPM installation and configuration classes.

Blogs from this Author

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Configuring Oracle EPM 11.2

The new software for Oracle Hyperion 11.2 was downloaded from Oracle and installed onto a Microsoft Windows 2019 Server. All of the necessary binaries for Hyperion 11.2 “Oracle Hyperion Planning Plus” have to be laid down onto the Server in the appropriate location. The SQL Server 2016 databases have been created and valid properties […]

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Installing EPM 11.2 onto Windows 2019 Server

In a previous blog, we covered the considerations we need to take into account when installing EPM 11.2 onto a Windows 2019 Server.  We are now ready to use the unzipped software to actually lay down the binaries onto the Windows Server 2019 system we have prepared.  In this installation, we are installing the software […]

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What to Consider Before Installing the New Oracle EPM 11.2 Software

Before we start the actual installation of the new Hyperion Oracle EPM 11.2 software, we need to stop and consider several items.  The following things should be examined. Supported OS Supported DB Preparing the Windows Servers Preparing the OS Installation Account Unzipping the software In this blog, we will be using the “Oracle Hyperion Planning […]

Downloading the New Oracle EPM 11.2 Software

Now that the Hyperion EPM 11.2 software is out, let’s get started by downloading the software. The most common software we are generally asked to install is Planning and HFM. The steps are simple: Go to the Oracle Software site Log in to the site Search for the software Oracle Hyperion Planning Plus […]

Oracle EPM On-Premises Release 11.2

The On-Premises version of Oracle EPM 11.2 is now available for Windows Server 2019 with Linux support to follow. On December 18th, 2019 it was officially released and the software is now available for download. Version 11.2 has Premier Support through 2030 and that will likely be extended. The current version of is set […]

How To: Oracle Hyperion FDMEE Import Scripts (Jython)

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition (FDMEE) allows the use of scripting in several locations: Import Event Custom Mapping Scripting allows you to work with the incoming data fields and strings to modify them as needed before the data is processed. Use of scripting at different points will allow you to take a […]