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Solutions Director with 10+ years focused on IBM based large enterprise SOA solutions.

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Message Broker’s ASBITSTREAM function

I recently had a unique integration requirement where an external service provider was expecting XML within the SOAP request. One automatically thinks CDATA but in this case the endpoint required the XML to be escaped within a SOAP request. <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV=”” xmlns:ns1=””> <SOAP-ENV:Body> <ns1:CreateRequest> <ns1:Name>XML_Data</ns1:Name> <ns1:Value>&lt;order&gt; &lt;ns1:Attributes&gt; &lt;ns1:Name&gt;Transaction_ID&lt;/ns1:Name&gt;&lt;ns1:Value&gt;Transaction_ID goes here&lt;/ns1:Value&gt; &lt;/ns1:Attributes&gt; &lt;/order&gt; </ns1:Value> </SOAP-ENV:Body> </SOAP-ENV:Envelope> […]

Using PGP within MB/DataPower

With the ever growing need for external and cloud based integration I’ve seen more and more needs for PGP encryption/decryption. Also as DataPower nor Message Broker explicitly supports PGP as part of it’s processing we’ve come up with a ‘workaround’ using GPG – AIX’s open-source PGP tool, The script below combines MQ (for triggering […]

Using Pub/Sub for EAI

If anyone has been around MB as long as I have we can remember the Event Broker which was the pub/sub engine. I’ve been hard-pressed to ever use it for EAI – there have been some specific use-cases but they usually involved large number of clients who were able to self-register. I guess that’s what […]

Do I need an ESB if I’m integrating in the cloud?

One pattern that I’m seeing arise more often lately is cloud applications integrating with cloud applications. As such, programmers are skipping the use of an ESB all-together, with the reasoning being, “why should I enter the trusted network only to have my request go out again?” While this maybe a valid reason, I suggest that […]

Enterprise Application Integration Checklist

I have been doing Enterprise Application Integration my whole career, and while there is certainly a great collection of tools and resources available to us, there’s something missing.  Regardless of language and technology stack, there’s a need to answer certain questions before beginning any integration project.  This simple, obvious and crucial process has been overlooked […]


I was going through my old files and came across my notes on MQ and thought I’d share some reasons to use MQ vs. HTTP: If your consumer processes at a fixed rate (i.e. can’t handle floods to the HTTP server [bursts]) then using MQ provides the flexibility for the service to buffer the other […]

Securing REST services with DataPower

In a recent post we introduced the REST service as an integration option growing in popularity. Use cases for this type of integration typically include exposing REST services for mobile app consumption and for cloud based/3rd party integrations.  The question quickly arises – how can I secure these services?  SOAP services have multiple well-defined standards […]