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Anshuli Nikhare

Anshuli Nikhare is a Salesforce Developer. She has over 2 years of IT industry experience working as an Associate Technical Consultant at Perficient based out of Nagpur. She is a Certified Salesforce Platform Developer (PD1). Anshuli enjoys how being a Salesforce Developer helps her skillset explore. She is a skilled researcher who can identify opportunities in a given arena, is a supportive teammate, and is an employee willing to go the extra mile to help others.

Blogs from this Author

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Salesforce Lightning Components: Building Custom UI Elements

Introduction In the world of Salesforce development, user interface (UI) plays a vital role in creating a seamless and intuitive experience for users. While the Salesforce platform provides a rich set of pre-built UI components, there are times when you may need to create custom UI elements to meet specific business requirements. That’s where Salesforce […]

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Building Quality in Salesforce: Exploring the Apex Testing Framework

Apex Unit Test: Why do we need to write test classes in Salesforce? In Salesforce, writing test classes is an essential practice for ensuring the quality and reliability of your code. They are specifically used to test the functionality of your Apex classes, triggers, and other components. Test Classes or a Test Method verify whether […]

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Using Salesforce Trailhead to Improve Your Development Skills

What is Salesforce Trailhead? Salesforce Trailhead is an excellent resource for developers to improve their skills and knowledge in Salesforce development. It offers various modules, trails, badges, and projects that provide hands-on practice in developing and customizing Salesforce applications. It includes a range of modules covering numerous Salesforce development-related topics, including Apex programming, Visualforce, Lightning […]

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An Introduction to Record Triggered Flow with Scenario – Salesforce

What is Salesforce Flow Salesforce Flow is a tool used for automating business processes in the Salesforce platform. It allows users to create custom, guided processes that can interact with Salesforce data and other external systems. With Salesforce Flow, users can create custom screens, input forms, and conditional logic to automate complex business processes. Flows […]

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Explore the Advanced Concept of SOQL in Salesforce

What is SOQL in Salesforce  SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) is a query language used to search for and retrieve data from Salesforce objects in the Salesforce platform. It is like SQL (Structured Query Language) used in relational databases but is specifically designed to work with Salesforce data. With SOQL, you can retrieve data from […]

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10 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a CRM System to Grow

What is a CRM System, and Why Use One? A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a powerful tool for businesses looking to grow better. It refers to strategies, processes, and technologies businesses use to manage their interactions with customers and potential customers. CRM aims to improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty, and ultimately drive […]

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Data Management in Salesforce

Data management in Salesforce deals with importing or exporting data/records in the Salesforce organization. There are many tools available to import the data into Salesforce org. The four most common tools are: Data Import Wizard is a tool available within the Salesforce org Setup. Data Loader is an external tool provided by Salesforce that easily connects to your […]

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Top 5 Salesforce Best Practices on Apex Code

Introduction: This blog is basically to help you go to that next level of coding and what are the things we need to consider while writing Apex code so that your code adheres to the best practices. Apex runs in a multitenant environment that’s why Salesforce recommended Best Practices. It’s been defined over many years […]