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Alex Moisi

Alex Moisi is a Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient focusing on call center solutions including Amazon Connect.

Blogs from this Author

Populating a DynamoDB table based on a CSV file

We’ve previously detailed the steps necessary to build a holiday calendar  and looked at how we can easily upload all your holidays at once. However, so far we’ve only worked with JSON, which is an easy to understand format for Node.js, but not necessarily the most intuitive for a human reader. To avoid making mistakes […]

Maintaining your holiday calendar by bulk uploading data

We’ve looked before at the steps necessary to build a holiday calendar in DynamoDB. One of the advantages of keeping all your closure times tracked in a database is that you can easily update when the call center should be available, modify the closure reasons or add a new holiday with minimum effort and no […]

Invoking Lambda Functions with Amazon Connect

Amazon is continuing to release new features for Amazon Connect at a rapid clip. In this blog post I will take a deeper look at a new change to the contact flow configuration page that can make integrating with Lambda significantly easier. I will also detail some of the downsides you should be aware of […]

Using AWS to Host a Custom Agent Console part 2

In a previous blog post we looked at the steps necessary to set up a custom agent console. We walked through uploading a page to S3 and configuring a CloudFront distribution which can be whitelisted and then used with Amazon Connect. To keep things simple we didn’t dive into CloudFront settings, many of which can […]

Create a Basic Agent Console with Queue Metrics

In a previous blog post we covered the steps necessary to host a static website within AWS, more specifically how to deploy a custom agent console that can load in contact attributes. Today we will look at how we can use the Connect API to enhance this custom agent console with live data from the […]

Building More Intelligent Lex Bots with Lambda Integration

In a previous blog post we covered the basics of how Amazon Connect can use Lex bots to collect details from the caller and fulfill a simple task such as sending an e-mail or a text message.  By using a Lambda function within the fulfillment code hook of a bot we can trigger pretty much […]

Dynamic Queue Hold Messages Using the Get Metric Node

Last week Amazon announced the release of a new node for Amazon Connect: Get Metrics. It is available from the Set menu in regular contact flows, customer queue, hold and even whisper flows and allows us to dynamically query queue data. While the Check Queue Status node (available under the Branch menu in some contact […]

Using AWS to Host a Custom Agent Console

While not directly related to core Amazon Connect functionality, there are many reasons to familiarize yourself with how to host your own static website in AWS. Creating a basic website your supervisors can use to check the holiday calendar set up via Lambda and DynamoDB or hosting your custom agent console are just two examples […]

4 Ways to Improve Your Amazon Connect Contact Flows

One of the most powerful features available within Amazon Connect is the visual contact flow editor. Within Amazon Connect contact flows are not just used for interactive menus, they allow supervisors to dynamically update the settings for each call entering the system and make sure callers hear personalized and relevant options. This is an area […]

Building an Amazon Connect Holiday Calendar in 4 Easy Steps

Between calendars, the check queue status node as well as the capacity settings for each queue, Amazon Connect administrators have several options to handle a busy work day. However, there are some scenarios where the routing behavior needs to be customized beyond these out of the box options. One example would be setting up a […]

Setting up Callbacks within Amazon Connect

When configuring the call center experience administrators should keep in mind that long wait times will invariably lead to dropped calls and frustrated customers. An easy way to make sure your callers don’t have to wait on hold for a long time when no agents are available is to make use of the callback feature. […]

Best practices on using Amazon Connect metrics

Depending on the use case call centers can rely on very different KPI’s for reporting. What can be a key metric for an inbound call center often turns out to be merely a nice-to-have if the call center focuses on quick outbound calls. In the end probably the most important reporting feature for a call […]

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